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  1. J

    BitLocker To Go error 0x80096002

    Hi All I've downloaded BitLocker Reader To Go from Microsoft and trying to install it on machines to try and test it to see if it works etc. When I go to open up the installer (KB970401) I get the following error: Windows Update Standalone Installer Installer encountered an error: 0x80096002...
  2. J

    Fan Control Software

    I've been looking online as Dad's just got some new fans and they are beefy as hell, do the job... but their a bit to powerful and seem to be on full speed and would like to silence them abit. I've looked around and cant really find any fan software except speedfan which I've got on my PC but...
  3. J

    Solved Time for a new PSU? Computer turns off randomly.

    Hi all 2 days ago I replaced my CPU from a FX6100 to a FX8350, last night and this afternoon I've encountered issues where the computer randomly turned off. Last night I was just playing Train Sim, and all of a sudden the computer just turned off, no warning no nothing, just switched off...
  4. J

    Keyboard drivers installer unable to recognise keyboard

    Hi I've got a bit of a problem and after a bit of research I think I've narrowed it down. I've just upgraded my Processor from a FX6350 to a FX8350. For some reason booted into windows and the keyboard does not want to work. Thought maybe because not powerful enough PSU so I've used another...
  5. J

    Error 80070005 on update KB2975719

    Hi all I've been installing Windows updates and have come across error 80070005 on update KB2975719. After research, Microsoft say it could be down to permissions (I am the only user on this computer and am the admin), they also suggest creating a .bat script (details here...
  6. J

    Using Bitlocker and Symantec Encryption

    Hi all bare with me on this, it may sound stupid and have a very simple answer. I've got a laptop which I currently have Symantec Desktop Encryption installed with C:/ encrypted. Personally not quite sure if the files it self on C:/ are encrypted or not (I'm able to access my laptop which has...