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  1. Harrier

    No Add-On Page.

    Win 8.1 64 bit In FF when I click on add ons from the tools section. a google search page loads instead of my add-on page. How is this and how can I fix it please ? I have uninstalled and reinstalled - no change
  2. Harrier

    Solved Windows Defender Problem Win8.1

    When I try to open Defender, I get the following message... "This app has been turned off and isn't monitoring your computer" I can't turn it back on... all I get is the above message. I haven't installed any other AV and can't see that I have had one installed by bloatware.
  3. Harrier

    Solved PC powers down now and again.

    PC powers down on it's own now and again. Win 8.1 64 bit This has happened a few times over the last 2 weeks giving me no reason why. It powers back up fully and functions as I expect to. I had a pop up last week saying that my AMD Driver was out of date so I updated it thinking that might...
  4. Harrier

    Solved My Firefox and bookmarks.....

    I use FF all the time both on my desktop and my laptop. I keep my bookmarks up to date by keeping an updated Json file on my desktop and a backup on an external drive. I updated last week when I got the newest version of FF. My json file is also up to date. I don't brows much on the laptop but...
  5. Harrier

    On the planet

    I have used this forum before and for some STRANGE reason I was going elsewhere. I have had a few issues of late and found this forum again. Brink has the best forum and undoubtedly THE BEST TUTORIALS ON THE PLANET !! If you're not a registered member, I strongly urge to register and it's...
  6. Harrier

    Solved Homegroup Wizard

    I started to set up a homegroup. I got my homegroup password. I saw a link or text that said "Homegroup Wizard" I got a visitor and had to close down my PC and thought that I could return to the "Wizard" later. Can I find it again? ....... NO I searched my PC ....... nothing I searched on the...
  7. Harrier

    Solved System Restore Issue.... Win 8.1

    I had a need to do a system restore the other day. There was a restore point that was just a few days old and was perfect for what I wanted. The system did it's thing and went to reboot as per usual but when the desktop came up the usual "Sucessful" was not there and it said that it could not...
  8. Harrier

    Solved I Really Need Help

    In Firefox... I use an Internet Speed Test site (testmy.net). I prefer it against others. For some reason something got screwed up and instead of getting the visual site that I would normally get, I just get a white page with blue text links all down the left hand side of the page. None of those...
  9. Harrier

    Solved Solution for getting rid of all Win10 updates

    I came across this blog site where it explained how to be FREE from the Win10 downloads/upgrades when you don't want them. I downloaded the small app, scanned the file for virus and malware prior to installing (all was OK). The app, known as GWX Control Panel scans your PC and shows you what...
  10. Harrier

    PC will not stay in sleep mode.

    I have this problem where my desktop PC (8.1) won't stay asleep. Without moving the mouse or hitting any keys it just starts itself back up. It used to be OK and then I noticed it just wasn't staying in sleep mode any longer. Would like to get this sorted out...... help appreciated.
  11. Harrier

    Solved ISO USB Stick for 8.1

    Hi, I made an ISO of my desktop OS a few months ago and have it safe. My Question is: I have 3 machines all running 8.1...... is that ISO stick good for all my machines or will I need one for each machine. H.
  12. Harrier

    Solved How to scan downloaded files??

    Right clicking a downloaded file used to allow you to scan it before you did anything with it (like Installing) But now right clicking the file does not give that option. It used to allow scan with my AV and scan with Malwarebytes Is there now a way to do this before doing anything with the...
  13. Harrier

    Solved Get rid of that pesky "Get Windows 10" icon from taskbar

    This is the easiest way to get rid of the icon. You can right-click on the date/time in Taskbar system tray and select "Customize notification icons" option. It'll open a new window. Now look for GWX (Get Windows 10) entry in the list and change its value to "Hide icon and notifications" using...
  14. Harrier

    Solved Can't get rid of this horrid color

    Hope someone can help me here? My wife somehow got this color as per picture and I can't change it. I looked all through places in the control panel but came up blank. When right clicking on a task bar icon the dialog box pops up but it has a very deep purple color that need changing...... help...
  15. Harrier

    Deleting the Windows 10 Upgrade from Updates

    I bought my wife a new PC yesterday with Win 8.1. She doesn't want W10 and this morning the download is in her updates without reserving it. I hid it until I found out how to delete it. But when she tries to download her other updates it tries to download 10 before the other updates. Please...