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    does anyone perhaps know how to setup a SMB on a kyocera t

    Good day does any one know how to obtain the domain name host name pc name of your computer thanks
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    How to prevent guest users from accessing the administrato

    Good day I was always under the impression that people who guest account is unable to access the administrator desktop and hard drive etc. Is there that i can make sure that this doesnt happen again. I am using windows 8 64 bit thanks
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    How to crop accurately in Windows 8

    Does anyone know about a free tool that can be downloaded virus free that can crop accurately to a specific size in windowx 8 ?? Thanks
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    How to remove dragon branch

    Hi guys I have dragon branch installed on my computer. i dont know how it got installed in the first place. i uninstalled it but now it keeps on popping up. Does anyone know what to do about it. ?? Thanks
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    88 important updates cannot install windows 8 how serious

    ther are still 88 important updates that needs to be installed on the 2 windows 8 pc 's i have in the internet shop. how serious is this to the security of the 2 pc's ?? will this greatly affect the virus and malware vulnerability ?? thank you all machines windows 8 64bit
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    Solved internet shop : standard services : no downloads no youtub

    hi guys what would be standard services rendered by an internet shop. surfing reading news - using face book - downloads youtube - as watching youtube means videos are downloaded to temporary folders google drive - skydrive - vpn networks etc uploads as above printing obviously...
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    is there any way of cleaning a computer 100 percent ??

    1 is there any way of completely making a computer 100 percent clean of virusses etc before backing it or making restore points ?? 2 is there any way to make backups of windows 8 after the pc was cleaned and burn it to a dvd ?? i dont want to make backups to usb or portable hard drives...
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    Solved how safe is using a ubuntu pc on a windows network ??

    in terms of security how safe is it to use an ubuntu pc while conected to a windows pc network. will the the ubuntu pc spread virusses to other pc's on the metwork ?? thanks
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    bitdefender attacking drivers ??

    hi guys i recently heard a statement form a person that bitdefender attacks drivers ? and that its is not suited for networks. now i dont doubt the person who made the statement from the person as he has over 20 years of experience of building windows pc's. i have though never heard of any...
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    Solved windows 8 printer smb setting

    hi guys what can i do i unplugged a network cable from one pc and plugged it into my laptop. the printer now doesnt recognize the the pc into which it has been connected as it now works through cable that was plugged into a different place on the modem. the printer now says smb not recognized...
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    Solved windows 8 and usb camera .

    hi guys how do i see if my usb camera is plugged in and working on my pc ? is this the place to ask this question ? its plugged but i dont see a icon any where i can click to open the camera and test it. please help
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    Solved just out of curiosity: why does the opera website choose

    hi guys sorry for being a pest LOL just out of curiosity (not complaining) why does the opera website automatically give me the 32 bit version of opera when i have 64 bit processor running a 64 bit operating system ? like i said : just wondering. thank you
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    when does window 8 updates get sorted out ?

    1. when i got this pc the first thing i did was to do all possible updates. after installing all updates the pc said "reverting changes" and just kept rebooting ?? why does this happen ?? since when does installing updates on pc cause pc's to crash ?? thanks. 2. since when does windows...
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    Solved what version of java 32 bit or 64 bit must i install for

    please help i have installed opera 26 and it works. the problem is that when i go to the about tab and click on it - it shows it is a 64 bit version but when i look it in my task manager it shows as a 32 bit version. so what version of java should i install 32 bit or 64 bit or does opera not...
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    Solved Please help ! Iv deleted something I shouldn't have !!

    I am really in trouble now. I have deleted the guest folder in the users folder on the c drive . I did this because I wanted the computer to create a new guest folder for the guest account so that all the old guest account data can be deleted and a completely new guest account will exist...
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    Solved what is the best version of opera for a pc with following

    hi guys perhaps someone might be able to tell me what is the best verion of opera for a pc running windows 8? i assume all windows 8 are 64 bit verions ? 2 gigs of ram dual core celeron i am specifically trying to get as light and stable a browser as i can that supports google docs...
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    help with anti virus bitdefender and avast

    i work at a an internet shop and the two pc used for this. upon having the pc's activated i installed bitdefender anti virus as soon as i could since once a windows pc in my case 2 windows 8 pc's is infected you to wipe the computer and reinstall everything. i worked at an internet at a...
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    problems with office 365

    i have recently bought a version office 365 home version for my computer which uses windows 8 home edition. after entering a product key for the office 365 home premium the program ran all right. i did all the Microsoft updates i could find and it tried to install them but then said failure...