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    USB ports and SD card reader not working on Dell laptop

    My SD card reader and USB ports have stopped working on my Dell Studio laptop running W8.1. They still identify what's put into the ports and reader as the USB sticks light up and the computer goes bing when an SD card is put in, but they don't show up in Windows Explorer. If I put a cabled USB...
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    Slow start up

    Hi. I have a laptop running Windows 8.1 and the start up has become very slow. Glary Utilities tells me it took 2m39s and only 1% of users are slower. I've tried cleaning it with CCleaner and Glary, removing unnecessary start up items and defragging. Any other ideas or software recommendations...
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    Windows Update Microsoft Office 2010 but not on laptop

    Hi. I'm on Windows 8.1 and have Microsoft Office 2007. I'm getting an update for Microsoft Office 2010 in Windows Update even though I haven't got this. Anyone know why please? Thanks.
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    Desktop icons keep moving after screen resize

    I often use split screen on W8.1 to have say TV on as I type emails. In other words, I drag the TV app to one side of the screen and have the desktop on the other side. When I close the TV app and expand the desktop app to full screen, the icons move around. Does anyone know a way to stop the...
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    Chrome slowing down W8.1 laptop

    Recently my laptop (on Windows 8.1) has been slowing right down after I've been using it for a while. Especially if I close it and then reopen it later without restarting. It seems to be linked to Chrome with it getting really sluggish and it improves if I close and reopen Chrome, and of course...
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    Solved Windows 8 Shut down

    I had a problem with the wireless adapter on my PC. When the PC started up it didn't recognise the adapter and I had to pull it out and push it back in for it to recognise it. If I did a restart the PC recognised the adapter. The problem is how Windows 8 shuts down. If you restart, it does a...
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    Wireless adapter not automatically connecting

    I have a Netgear WN111 wireless adapter on my PC. Since installing Windows 8.1 it doesn't connect automatically to the router. The PC says there are no connections available, so I can't even click on the router to try to connect. If I pull the adapter out and push it back into the USB port it...