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    My file history has not names

    I have my PC, windows 8.1, set to automatically save my files to flash drive. It confusing how to use it to find a partii;ar file, for instance a Craftsman folder. When I open the flash drive I get FileHistory>User name (mine)>doubledown(name I use)>then two folders Configuration and Data...
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    Can't access computer to fix BSOD

    I've searched on line to try and resolve this BSOD. Problem is on the affected computer I have not access to download or fix anything. I just have the blue screen, and can't do anything on that PC?
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    Solved Pin desktop shortcut to the taskbar

    I've researched this everywhere I can think of. I'm one of those old folks, so some things are more difficult. I had absolutely no problems with WIN7 however, and just my opinion, how or who made win8 such a complete disaster for anyone to use:mad: All I want to do is pin a desktop icon to...