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    Solved Just started to use Macrium Reflect v6 Free

    After many years of using Acronis True Image I'm ditching it as I'm fed up with the scheduler2 problem. I use Win 8.1 Home so I don't have GPEDIT so cannot apply the patch given elsewhere. Anyway, I just managed to restore an image of my C:\ system drive, but what I don't like is the way...
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    Internet Explorer History all gone.

    My wife's netbook came a cropper and she has now lost all her History. Luckily, I took a Macrium Reflect image this morning, but I now need to know where the IE History files are kept in Windows 8 (not 8.1). I clicked in Folder Options to show hidden files but according to info I got on the web...
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    KB3000850 woe, woe!

    I've spent all day trying to get this KB installed. The thing is, even though I'm told it has failed after configuring and reverting back again, when I look in the Installed updates list is says that it was successful. And it offers to download it again for me! I don't use Avast, I use Webroot...
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    Solved Windows 8-missing app list?

    I just got a new HP Envy Win 8.1. On the l/h side of the screen, below the bottom row of apps is a down arrow. Tat gives me the full list of installed apps and 'added' apps. On my wife's Win 8 system, there doesn't appear to be a similar list. Or I haven't found it yet! I would like to know...
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    Solved New to 8.1!

    Since two days ago. I much prefer working from the desktop but I don't see my list of programs when I right click on the Start button. How can I get them to show? Thanks
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    Solved Booting from DVD

    I have a new Asus S200 noteboook and I'm trying to get used to it. I have burnt a repair DVD but I now want to test it. It seems that the usual means of getting into the BIOS no longer work, so how can I boot from the DVD? Running Win 8 64 RT. Thanks