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    What happens when the released version...

    ...gets loaded over the preview version? Will it be upgradeable without destroying or overwriting files, folders, settings, and installed programs? I've never tried a preview version of an OS and then bought the released version. Does anyone know?
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    Why are many folders locked in Win8?

    I came directly from an XP Pro environment to Win8 having skipped both Vista and Win7. What is the deal with having so many folders locked up where you don't even see them let alone have access to them? Not even the Applications folder in Program Files is visible unless you take ownership. I...
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    Take Control of C:Windows\System

    Stumbled onto this while searching for ways to change unchangeable Metro icons. After you have taken control of the Sys32 folder, the sky's the limit. http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/2808-take-ownership-file-folder-drive-registry-key-windows-8-a.html
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    Downloading Executables to a Separate Folder

    I have always used a separate folder within 'Downloads' to keep my executables all in one place in case of re-install. I've always been able to specify and have Windows remember this folder too, until Win8. The downloads are still going to the Download folder, but I'm not able to specify where...
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    Solved Hi there...

    I'm new here. I bought a Toshiba laptop with Vista loaded from a co-worker for $20 with a virus that had taken over the system and he didn't have a system recovery disc. I told him I'd see what I could do, and if nothing else it would still load music and you could surf on it. That brought me...