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  1. Jody Thornton

    Event IDs 15 and 16 Happening Now and Then On Windows 8

    Refer to this link, which gives and indication of what I experience now and then in the Event Viewer. Only the first two events are what I get: Event 16, Kernel-General Now it's important to note that I have had no Event 18 show up in Event Viewer, nor have I had sudden reboots. In fact...
  2. Jody Thornton

    Microsoft Edge on Windows 8 AND Windows 8.1

    Wow! I'm so shocked at the big news that DOESN'T make headlines over here (only in the respect that such a forum should be about getting the most out of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.) But anyway .... Edge Canary (the latest release) does indeed run on all Windows 8.x platforms (except Windows RT...
  3. Jody Thornton

    Windows Store will not Open

    OK I'll hve to look it up @SassinLegacy but there was a command called wsreset. I believe that fixes it.
  4. Jody Thornton

    Windows Store will not Open

    My issue is now that I can't install Bing Wikipedia Browser because it was removed from the store. Now I wish I didn't reset my Surface tablet (doh!). I'm wondering if anyone has the AppX package for this app. :(
  5. Jody Thornton

    Windows Store will not Open

    I wonder if you have the AppX package on your system. If you go to C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Micorosft\Packages, is there a folder that contains "wstore" there?
  6. Jody Thornton

    Solved No Access to Windows Store on RT 8.1

    One thing I notice is I cannot find the app call Bing Wikipedia Browser. I checked on my PC, and it mentions it's unavailable.
  7. Jody Thornton

    Solved No Access to Windows Store on RT 8.1

    It's working again on a Microsoft account. Just started working on it's own. Downloading my apps.
  8. Jody Thornton

    Windows Store will not Open

    It's working again. Just started working on it's own.
  9. Jody Thornton

    Windows Store will not Open

    I can't believe there hasn't been a response on this. I've tried three other Windows RT and 8x forums, all with no response. I wonder if the Windows Store has now shut out Windows 8.1 Edit ..... Tried overnight. I am able to enter using a local account. I will post back if the Windows Store...
  10. Jody Thornton

    Windows Store will not Open

    I thought this might have been specific to Windows RT, since went and installed the latest November rollup. Crap! Now I wish I had left my installation alone. I may not be able to get my apps back. :(
  11. Jody Thornton

    Solved No Access to Windows Store on RT 8.1

    Well over the last day or so, I've been unable to access to Windows Store on my Surface RT tablet. I've refreshed it, but that didn't fix the issue. I've completely reset the tablet. No go there either. The error I receive is: Windows Store isn't available right now. Please try again later...
  12. Jody Thornton

    Solved Manually Updating Windows RT 8.1

    I found the rollup from someone else. Thanks anyway.
  13. Jody Thornton

    Solved Manually Updating Windows RT 8.1

    Hey Folks: I realize that updates for Windows RT are supposed to only be delivered through Windows Update. But would anyone know where a repository might exist for older monthly rollups? I'm looking for either the November or December 2017 rollup for Windows 8.1 RT. Any help would be...
  14. Jody Thornton

    Where can I find the latest Win 8.1 updates

    This is where I go - The Microsoft Update Catalog :) Microsoft Update Catalog
  15. Jody Thornton

    Solved Task Scheduler: Cannot Remove "Scheduled Start" Task

    Hello All! I have disabled Automatic Updates in Windows 8 now. The only time I use Windows Update services are to update Windows Defender definitions, via a scheduled task, or to manually install patches I download from the Microsoft Catalog. Then I had Windows Update and BITS services set to...
  16. Jody Thornton

    Solved thanks for 8.0

    If you were to use the Internet on this box, you can still update the OS until October 2023, so you're basically as secure as a Windows 7 or 8.1 user (but without all telemetry updates). However you can manually use these updates with Windows 8 as well. Windows 8 works very well.
  17. Jody Thornton

    KB2976978 Compatibility update for Windows 8 and 8.1 - April 10

    So what is the point of this update for Windows 8 exactly? Windows Update is no longer effective on Windows 8 (just curious if they are telemetry updates)
  18. Jody Thornton

    Looking for a Cleaning Software

    I still use the last 4.x version. With the latest winapp2.ini file, you can still fine clean your system. Is there really anything that the 5x releases do?
  19. Jody Thornton

    How do can I run 16-Bit programs on Windows 8.1?

    You say it's a 32-bit computer, and thus I assume you're running and x86 build of Windows 8.1? So what happens when you try to run the 16-bit Windows application? It should just run (unless there's some other compatibility issue). The virtualization options you're trying to avoid above, are...