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    Metro at first, then, it's Desktop on the PC?

    Metro is mostly to benefit tablet and phone users with touch screens. I think MS is trying to build an OS that is everything to everyone. I've been using it for several weeks now, and I have found little use for Metro on a laptop. It looks good and I sort of like the slide show through my...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    I played that just a bit ago on the guitar.
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    What problem does Windows 8 solve?

    It solves the problem of a heavily infected used computer with no recovery partition or OS disc.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    I loved the '80's... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILw0lGmgsg8
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    Thanks! It does work great and I love the familiarity. I just un-installed Visistart
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    Death Of Best Buy's Big Box Store?

    RadioShack predicted both Circuit City folding and Best Buy 15 years ago. Not that I approve of any of them, but RS has a proven business model that has worked a lot longer than either of the other major electronics retailers have been around.
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    Solved Win 8 CP taskbar display oddity

    Someone else reported this while having iTunes open. You didn't say you had iTunes open, I'm just providing info.
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    Solved CP Cripples Chrome?

    No. It runs great for me on both XP Pro and Win8.
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    Solved How to be a VIP member?

    You have to send a Paypal for one BIIIILLLLIIION dollars, US, to the site admins.
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    What happens when the released version...

    Thanks. I'll plan on a clean install then.
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    What happens when the released version...

    ...gets loaded over the preview version? Will it be upgradeable without destroying or overwriting files, folders, settings, and installed programs? I've never tried a preview version of an OS and then bought the released version. Does anyone know?
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    Solved Is anyone on here happy with windows 8?

    I like it, but then I didn;t have Vista or Win7 to compare it to. I am a hard-core XP user and have been for a decade. Until I was practically given this corrupt machine I'm on now, you couldn't have pried XP out of my hands. Metro is definitely different, and I'm not really sure I need that on...
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    Taskbar issue

    Could it be the album covers as you browse through iTunes?
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    For those that need - Language packs

    As you found out, not all are available yet. There will be more language support as development continues.
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    The quote of the day

    There is no free lunch.
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    If Windows 7 "Simplifies" the PC, what does Windows 8...

    Maybe there will be an option to install either the Metro or Desktop UI depending upon the device for which it is loaded to. You could have the option of installing the unused UI at any time.
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    can i downgrade?

    You'd be better off contacting your manufacturer and buying the recovery disc. It isn't any easier than that.
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    I don't want another cell phone for my PC's OS

    Then stick with Win7. Problem solved.
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    Windows 8 Tips and Tricks!

    Thanks for posting the link to the program that restores the start button. That makes life on a PC much easier. I think they may have fixed the bug in the program where the start button overlaps the EI logo. Mine looks fine and is evenly spaced. No overlap.
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    What's my Windows 8 CP product key?

    Those don't match the one I was given.