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    Solved Proper removal/withdrawal of OS?

    My son accidentally damaged his laptop (Acer V5 Aspire w/touchscreen, Win8.1) screen yesterday. Replacing the screen may be feasible yet, I think unlikely. If memory serves me correctly MS uses the motherboard serial number during registration of their OS to ensure all is legal. However, I...
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    Compatible Stylus Pen(s), drivers. etc.?

    My son was given an older Acer Aspire V5 touchscreen laptop my my sister that features Win8 as the OS. Is it possible for me to add a 3rd party stylus to use on the touchscreen? If yes, can anyone make any recommendations based on positive personal experience? Lastly, should I consider...
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    Cloning Win8.1 HDD to Smaller SSD w/Macrium

    I may have erred here so, if these needs to moved please do so. My sister gave us her unused Acer Aspire V5 for our son. It features Win8.1, Core i3 and ~450 GB conventional HDD. System performance is slow so, I wanted to install a 256 GB Samsung 840 Pro. Macrium is not happy in that despite...
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    Win8.1 Update Execution Locks/Freezes Laptop - Need Help

    I accepted the notification to install (4) important updates on my son's Win 8.1 laptop earlier this evening and it appears to have been a poor decision. The laptop has been hung at "Preparing to install..." for nearly an hour. I have pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del to see if keyboard input would help...
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    Solved Must Uninstall McAfee...yet cannot

    I was given an older laptop by my sister and she requested I remove McAfee because, she cancelled the subscription for it. However, I have only been able to uninstall the McAfee Site Adviser. My typical approach is to accomplish actions likes these from the Control Panel yet, no luck. Do I...