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    .Net Framework 3.5 uninstall/reinstall for 8.1 Pro

    Hello: I have an application that uses .Net 3.5 that has been failing. The vendor has spent the last several weeks attempting to determine the cause. According to their tech support and development people this problem is only occurring on my PC. I've been using the software for years and...
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    Only one application goes into Not Responding

    Hello: I have a custom built PC (about 3 months ago) running Windows 8.1 Pro with Gen 5 Intel chip (almost top of the line) with 32Gb and an SSD drive. I have one application that frequently, but not always, goes into a Not Responding mode and only in a very specific circumstance. Allow me...
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    Changing a local user ID

    I acquired a new PC which already had a local userid supplied by the vendor (without a password). I lieu of creating a new user which apparently requires I-net access as it requests an email address I chose to rename the one supplied by the vendor. that worked fine however, it did not change...
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    Moving folders from an SSD drive to other drive

    Hello I recently bough a PC that came with Windows 8.1 installed (can not move to Win 10 at this time) on the SSD drive and in order to preserve SSD space would like to move as many folders that were created as part of the installation but are not critical for Windows operation, like (maybe)...