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    Solved wont boot to safemode.

    my family built computer used to be amd and then was switch over to intel. before the switch, I made sure to remove all amd drivers and I switch achi to ide. I made sure to install the intel chipset drivers this was 2 years ago. and it been running fine. but I wanted to switch ide to achi...
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    two bsod today

    normally I only get bsod when I have fast boot enabled. I have it disabled. but today I had two bsod that where around 5 hours apart. I was using chrome beta version to browse neowin site and playing a video through media player classic when the system kinda stopped. the video froze with...
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    hauppauge wintv render problem

    is anybody else experiencing problem wintv in windows 8.1 video flickering when dragging the wintv window? dont know if its a driver issue or render issue. using a usb 950Q tuner
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    microsoft killed directdraw in windows 8.

    Windows 8 no longer supports screen resolutions with colour depths other than "true colour" (24-bit depth or 16,777,216 colours). 8-bit and 16-bit screen resolutions are emulated in software, and the DirectDraw used in Windows 8 results in unusual behaviour or poor performance in certain...
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    old games on windows 8 slow

    I have alot of old windows 98 that played with fast frames in windows 7. too fast actually, that I have to use frame limiters to control the games. in windows 8, its another story, same games, play at really slow frames. like my on an old computer again.... and the drivers and intel chipset...
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    Solved removing intel rst drivers, still trying to run

    nevermind just a glitch...
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    export windows 7 sound effects to windows 8?

    any easy way to do it? could I just copy the theme sound effects from my windows 7 to windows 8? but I want the pull down menu to show the sound themes. I dont want to have to individually select each sound.
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    office 2010 to office 2013 weird thing happend

    upgraded to 2013 I told it to remove 2010 and install 2013 durning the install my nvidia drivers kept stopped responding. this problem stopped after office 2013 was installed and updated. and later I found out my vmware installation was messed up and missing files. was working before. what...
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    startup items dont start sometimes on bootup

    I didnt have this problem in windows 7 and it makes me want to go back to it sometimes because if this glitch. windows 8 boots and after logging in,sometimes doesnt start programs that are set to load. EFI installed with GPT intel 2600 16gb memory nvidia 580gtx 2tb drive I have fastboot...