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  1. MilesAhead

    Revo Uninstaller Free bugfix release (2.0.3)

    Revo Uninstaller Free has released a bug fix update. Version 2.0.3 is the first update in nearly four months. It may be worth a download. Here is the link to the release history I was looking around for the Pro version on giveaway someplace. I didn't find one but I did notice the free...
  2. MilesAhead

    Cannot delete anything in Task Scheduler

    No matter what I try to delete in Task Scheduler I get this error: ERROR: Transaction support within the specified resource manager is not started or was shut down due to an error. I tried the old Vista fix with fsutil .. nothing I tried deleting the folder contents of all schedule tasks from...
  3. MilesAhead

    AOMEI PE Builder? USB Mouse and WiFi

    I have found AOMEI PE Builder 1.5 Free. It works in pretty straight ahead fashion for building a boot USB to boot my Toshiba Laptop with Windows 8.0. However I cannot find any step by step to get it to load drivers for my USB Mouse. When I boot the PE all I have is Touchpad. Which drives me...
  4. MilesAhead

    Anyone using Windows System Control Center (WSCC) ?

    I just wonder why I see new releases of programs by NirSoft and SysInternals but when I check for updates in WSCC it only showed new utilities available once after installation. Seems weird. They do not have a dedicated forum on their web site or I would ask there. I am using it "for private...
  5. MilesAhead

    Toolwiz Time Freeze confusion

    Anyone know what is going on with ToolWiz Time Freeze? Supposedly they released a new version yesterday. Softpedia now says it is Shareware when it was Freeware in the past. The changelog is for the 2015 release. The toolwiz.com site has be redone and it seems botched. Hitting the Download...
  6. MilesAhead

    Twist Tie alternative?

    I am wondering if anyone has a good alternative to Twist Ties for keeping stuff like ear bud wires, usb connector cords, and other stuff that has small gauge wire connected to it, from getting all tangled? Granted Twist Ties are cheap but they can be a bit of a pain to twist and untwist. I...
  7. MilesAhead

    Solved ToolWiz Time Machine anyone using it?

    I am reading a forum from when ToolWiz Time Machine was in beta. The reaction of most of the people trying it was very positive. Since my Restore Points almost never work I was thinking of using Time Machine in tandem with Macrium Reflect. Also I think it may have embedded the ToolWiz Time...
  8. MilesAhead

    Select only what I want to keep in Start Screen?

    There seems to be no "toggle selection" so that I just just tag what I want to keep in Start Screen and reverse it then unpin it. Anyway know a trick? Delete all would look too lame. And I need to keep Desktop anyway. So I may as well leave one or two like Weather. I just don't want to...
  9. MilesAhead

    Solved OneDrive change log/release notes?

    A new version of OneDrive was released yesterday. I cannot find any release notes or change log as bizarre as this sounds. :) Are the changes secret? :sarc:
  10. MilesAhead

    Settings for AMD Readon HD 7310 ??

    No matter how I mess with calibration/settings I cannot get away from fuzzy/smudgy text. I updated to the 15.x graphics driver and it looked even worse. So I restored an image to get back to the 14.x driver. Speccy Graphics Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor on AMD Radeon...
  11. MilesAhead

    Outlook new UI limits mail msg selection

    Until they just changed the Outlook UI I could select Unread in View on my email, then check the top box to check all, then delete. The same procedure now only checks the first ten boxes. I see no "toggle selection" or "select all" options. This UI just kicked in a few minutes ago. I like...
  12. MilesAhead

    ComSysApp times out in 1/50th sec.

    Whenever I try to start service ComSysApp the COM+ System Application service, I immediately get error 1053. Did not repsond. Well the system only waits for about 1/50th of a second before it times out. I've never seen any service time out that quickly. Pretty weird. Anyway, System Restore...
  13. MilesAhead

    Toshiba Laptop AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics hw accel.??

    My CPU runs cool enough it seems. But I notice Flash Player and just about everything else uses a lot of it. Also when I toggle the Firefox browser to "use hw accel when available" I can detect no difference. I suspect this GPU is not capable of it. Anyone know for sure? Here's what Speccy...
  14. MilesAhead

    Chrome Browser for Windows 64 bit changelog?

    Anyone know where to view the changelog for today's stable release of Chrome Browser x64 for Windows? I've been searching for about 20 minutes with no luck.
  15. MilesAhead

    Solved W8.0 x64 run in separate memory space for x64?

    This is weird. I have noticed when I make a shortcut, even for real compiled 64 bit exes. if I click Advanced Button below Run As Administrator it has Run In Separate Memory Space checked and grayed out. At first I thought it might be limited to scripts such as ahk. But I just checked...
  16. MilesAhead

    [Free] SoundMixer : Windows Volume Mixer open/autoclose

    SoundMixer is a utility to add some automation to the Windows Volume Mixer Window. It is an AHK Hotkey program that sits in the Task Tray. If you left click its Tray Icon or the system speaker icon, it sends an Alt x to the Volume Control Window to bring up the Volume Mixer Window. The hotkey...
  17. MilesAhead

    Copy As Path does nothing

    When I Shift Right Click on a file in Explorer and select Copy as Path it does nothing. Having searched on {f3d06e7c-1e45-4a26-847e-f9fcdee59be0} I see in RegEdit the entries for all values but these two: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{f3d06e7c-1e45-4a26-847e-f9fcdee59be0}\InProcServer32] Name ...
  18. MilesAhead

    Dual boot Linux from VHD?

    Ideally I am looking for the situation where I can create a VHD from a Linux ISO, boot it, then install additional packages and change settings etc.. I'm not interested in a Live CD scenario. I have Windows 8.0 "home" or whatever they preload on Laptops. So far the only OS ISO I have...
  19. MilesAhead

    Solved Secure Download Manager cannot remove or install

    Got half way through install of Secure Download Manager. There is no entry in Programs and Features to run the uninstall. But if I try to install I get the dialog that the install is already in progress. So I cannot take it off and I cannot put it on. On this Laptop I'd rather not do a...
  20. MilesAhead

    Solved Install W7 Pro to VHD

    I can't seem to find a full step by step how to install W7 Pro on a VHD file made in W8.0. I followed Brink's tutorial how to make a VHD in Disk Management. It is formatted NTFS with disk type GPT. I have W7 Pro on a bootable USB. What now? If I just run setup without booting the USB it...