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    I had to do a Factory Reset of my Surface RT & all went well. But when I open the Charms Bar>Settings>Change PC settings>Accounts>Your account; on the right side I see this message "You need to verify your identity on this PC" along w/a 'Verify' link. When I tap 'Verify', I get a 'security...
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    Surface RT updates

    My Surface did some updates today (I thought Update was disabled, but it was not). The updates involved Microsoft Office Language Packs French & Spanish, as seen in the attachment. How do I uninstall these?
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    Jailbreak the Surface

    A little over a month ago, my dad gave me his Surface which has Windows RT 8.1 on it. Not long ago, I came across this article (geek.com) which explains (not in great detail) how to Jailbreak the Surface to allow users to run programs that do not come from the Windows Store. Has anyone tried...
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    Surface Windows RT 8.1

    I know RT will not be getting 10, but are there any updates (especially the telemetry ones) I should avoid? Right now, I have the RT set-up to where I initiate the checking & any updating.
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    I have a Surface RT & was going to use the pre-installed Calendar app for the 1st time (tablet just given to me earlier this month). I don't want to have to sign-in each time just to check my own dates, I am not going to sync at all & don't want/need to put my dates into the "cloud" or have...
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    Solved Surface tablet

    My dad gave me his Surface (I think it's 1st generation) & it has Windows 8.1 on it. I want to do a Factory Reset so I can truly make it mine. I am planning to use a Local Account & know I won't have access to OneDrive (not a big deal for me) but what else do I miss out on? When I do the...