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    Some updates were not installed

    I tried to install update 8.1.1 twice and have not been able to get it installed. I get the same message each time. How do I fix this ?
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    Solved OpenOffice

    Will openoffice 4.0.1 work on windows 8.1 ? Has anyone tried to use it ? Thank's
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    Solved Lenovo backup

    I have a Lenovo Z710 laptop(see spec's)and want to make a recovery USB and also setup a backup system. This is a new machine and I don't want to make a mess of it, so I wanted to get the best advice I could before I did anything to it. I have a 32GB USB drive to make the Recovery on. Lenovo...
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    BatteryCare program

    Found this program BatteryCare, has anyone used it ? Would it be good for a new laptop ? BatteryCare