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  1. hclarkjr

    can't get program to start when windows starts

    i have program set to start with windows but windows will not let it start automamticly when i start the computer. i have tried right clicking on the EXE for the program and set it to run as administrator but that did not work. any other ideas on how to get it to run? the program in question is...
  2. hclarkjr

    have streaming problem with LG BD670 blu ray player

    hi, i just bought a 670 and am having trouble getting it to see MKV files i have on my computer. i can browse to the computer and open the folder i have the movies in but it keeps saying the folder is empty. i checked for firmware update and was told i have the latest one, i bought it...
  3. hclarkjr

    changing progress bar color

    hi, has anybody figured a way a out to change the progress bar color? i am talking about the bar that pops up when installing software. i hate that green color MS forces on us every version of windows!!! :mad:
  4. hclarkjr

    Solved windows not shutting down properly

    i am having trouble with the computer shutting down once in awhile. the fans and stuff stay running but the monitor shuts off. i have to press and hold the power button for it to shut off. i know this is how it shuts down for 8 but i wait for 5 minutes and it is still running. is there any...
  5. hclarkjr

    how do you backup apps purchased from the store?

    i am wondering how you backups apps you purchase from the store? is there any way to do it yet?