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    User account hacked or was it?

    Hi, When I was today logging on my computer to Windows 8.1, my user account name was changed. The new name was "dumas marie". I went to netplwiz and saw that yes, user in group "HelpLibraryUsers" (what that even is?) had a name "dumas marie". Why, how and what to do? Arto
  2. K

    Win 8.1: Can I lock the default playback device?

    Everytime I connect HDMI output Windows wants to use it as default output device and I need to change it back to HP own speakers. Can I somehow lock the default output device so that unless I specifically tell Windows to change it it would stay as the same regardless of what is connected?
  3. K

    How do I backup a hard drive

    I'm aware how to create a system backup, but what is the recommended way to backup a hard drive (like an external one)? I don't want to backup every drive I have, just one of them (which is one physical disc).