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    McAfee blocking non-adult websites when parental controls is on

    I'm trying to block websites so they're not tempting to get on. Problem is I do turn them on with my anti-virus, McAfee but McAfee is blocking websites that are not supposed to be blocked like adult websites. I tried to post this problem on the McAfee website but no one's answering so I...
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    BSOD twice in two days

    I was considering upgrading to Windows 10 but I didn't think it was offered free anymore. Is it still free to install somewhere?
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    BSOD twice in two days

    I'm sure it's my display driver again. I had Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.2 installed (I used clean install from AMD to get rid of it and either reinstall it or install something else). It's from 2017 so why hasn't it been updated? Then I read that AMD no longer support 8400 series anymore so...
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    I'm sure I just need to update my display drivers again. I've had problems in the past and want to start with a clean slate. However, I don't want to be too aggressive and I know using DDU is aggressive as it wipes out more than a display driver. I came across a post at the amd website that...
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    Fan noise increases when watching youtube videos

    I have a desktop as indicated in my specs, not a laptop. Any suggestions for a desktop or computer? Roland, I can understand that. The problem is that it really drowns out the sound of the video, making it more and more difficult to hear the video unless I pause or stop the video.
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    Fan noise increases when watching youtube videos

    I hear a fan in my computer in the background going up and the sound on youtube videos would decrease a lot. The more I hear the fan, the less I hear the videos. I know it must be a CPU issue and youtube increases the CPU. I tried an extension that would let me play the videos using H.264 and...
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    BSOD playing a game on FB

    I was playing a game on Facebook and got the BSOD. I have already installed the newest display driver that appeared to be appropriate for my computer. This is the driver I have on my computer right now (the one from July 2015). I actually installed it a little over a month ago and have had no...
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    Audio decreases on both Chrome and Firefox

    Anyone? Just a little update. I tried updating my audio driver. No solution either. Could be the fan getting pretty dusty. I cannot find the cooling vent on my computer, not even on the back so I can air spray it. Weird.
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    Audio decreases on both Chrome and Firefox

    When I'm trying to play a video on both Chrome and Firefox, the audio starts getting quieter and quieter until you can barely hear anything. Once I stop the video, I hear something that sounds like a fan running then when I stop hearing it and play the video again, it's fine. The only way to...
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    Solved Is it safe to delete shortcut to C drive or hard drive?

    I don't know how but somehow, a shortcut to my C Drive or hard drive was created and it's found in the videos folder lol. Is it safe to delete it? I don't want to lose my entire hard drive if I do this.
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    Logged out of all login sites every time I close browsers

    Just following up. I got rid of Chrome and that seemed to fix the problem.
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    Logged out of all login sites every time I close browsers

    My PC specs here http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Pavilion-23-All-in-One-Desktop-PC-series/6528330/model/6778286/document/c04089672/ Every time I close both firefox and chrome or firefox or chrome, I get signed out out of login sites like youtube, facebook and twitter. I went to privacy...
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    Solved PC and mouse froze, could not get to task manager

    Just wanted to update. It does appear that it was a temperature issue. ;)
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    Solved PC and mouse froze, could not get to task manager

    My windows 8.1 and mouse froze and when I tried to get the task manager by doing alt+del+ctrl, that didn't help. Nothing happened so l had to wait a few minutes before hitting the power button. After this happened, I used ccleaner, ran a scan on spybot & destoy, ran a scan on eset to be...
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    Can I stop Windows 10 from installing?

    I keep getting a pop-up message about Windows 10 on my Windows 8.1 PC. Now a message says Windows 10 will be installed on March 8th at 11pm. Is there a way I can stop that from happening?
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    Crimson or Catalyst?

    I was just wondering which is better for most people? I see in different places only where people complain about Crimson a lot because it's been nothing but trouble. In my experience, it's been nothing but trouble. I think maybe I liked Catalyst better. They still offer Catalyst Software...
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    Solved .Net Framework 4.6.2?

    I've recently made sure all windows updates are installed and looks like I still have .Net Framework 4.5.5.... installed. I was checking online for the latest version and I see 4.6.2 is out but I cannot find a download link for it anywhere. Is that maybe a version that is about to come out but...
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    Solved Display wakes up on its own

    Never mind, I looked into some things and hopefully it's been solved.
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    Solved Display wakes up on its own

    And this happened when I'm asleep as the PC is in my room. So yes, when the display wakes up, it's bright enough to wake me. ;) This is the second time this happened. First time this happened was months ago so I know it's not often when it happens but I never know when this will happen. I've...
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    Can I do without AMD drivers

    Actually, I did. It caused flickering and this message: This is the version that caused that problem that I had to get rid of it before windows update installed version 13.301.1001.0: Everything you said, I wished I had known about that before getting all those BSODs. The people who told...