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    does win 8.1 have native nvme driver

    and is it as good as the custom samsung/intel drivers which probably only support windows 10? By as good I mean 95% or more as good, so basically almost as good.
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    explorer.exe processes hanging on laptop after extended uptime - advanced complex problem

    So my laptop and desktop have very similar setups, they both have few (exact same) registry adjustments, utilise SRP, but the laptop has the less exocit setup, far less software installed, so this problem is just weird. What is happening after a period of uptime lets say a week or more but I...
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    HDD struggling to read data

    An update it appears to have not found any bad clusters in used files, but it is still scanning, now is on the stage scanning free clusters, which is a lot as the hdd was less than 50% full. Really odd so it would seem chkdsk and smart both failing to find issues but there is definite issues...
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    HDD struggling to read data

    Ok here is the situation. I noticed yesterday on my WD Green drive some data was slow to read e.g. excessive time to start playing video file, and at same time was read errors logged in SMART so decided to order 2 new drives and move the data. Today I got the drives, swapped some cables round...
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    Solved Samsung EVO 850 crash...

    just a note from me. Do "not" use the "os optimization" feature in samsung magician, it makes changes that are considered bad practice. Installing samsung magician will not affect your system on its own unless you utilise that optimization feature or enable the rapid mode (which I would also...
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    Solved Create An ISO with Install.wim Using Media Creation Tool

    just noticed you the same guy who replied to my other thread, thanks for this guide by the way.
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    Solved Cannot install to MBR (non UEFI) disks

    thanks, it seems microsoft have coded in automatic systems with no manual overide I assume to be dumb proof but I consider not giving the admin control anti intuitive. The issue was down to how the system was booting, your reply is indeed correct on both accounts (so thank you), I found a post...
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    Solved Cannot install to MBR (non UEFI) disks

    So I have a sata hdd in laptop, no other hdd's. Booted of usb install media. Problem is this. When creating partition instead of auto creating the extra hidden partition it just makes to main windows partition, and then will refuse to install. I also had another USB install media, from same...
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    UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with

    Cannot get this to work on my laptop. It seems I can only boot off the usb stick enabling legacy mode. When I make the partitions in the setup it keeps making MBR on my SSD not GPT. If I follow the guide the USB isnt bootable at all. --edit-- Was due to the filesystem i had selected ntfs...
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    Trying to determine if I can swap two i7 mobile processors

    I have done a laptop cpu swap before, but I didnt do it blind, I knew beforehand it was compatible. Some laptops may not have things like the fan removable tho which would make it too diffulcult. In my case different variants of the same laptop were released with different cpu's meaning the...
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    Windows 8.1 – What are Best-Practice security tweaks?

    Sadly parts of windows have been designed in a insecure manner and are tough to harden. An example is the rundll wrapper, anything can hide behind this so if you allow it outbound port 80 which some legit apps request for (but I havent granted), then any rogue software using the same wrapper...
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    So Microsoft stopped supporting Win8, is Win10 bad?

    who is that reply to?
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    So Microsoft stopped supporting Win8, is Win10 bad?

    Yeah 8.1 has life in it yet as well as 7. I will never say never for windows 10 but I will wait for sure before deciding to use it on production machines, however am in the process of upgrading some win7 machines to 8.1. So even with win10 out I am only just upgrading to win8.1, no shame in...
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    Securing Win 8.1

    Of course it can probably be defeated, but its a barrier. it will still probably block most malware that targets memory type exploits..
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    Solved Tutorial: How to make Windows 8 understand you ARE the Administrator

    guys turning off UAC completely is not a good idea. Setting to just remove the approval prompts might be ok if it bugs you but not disabling it completely.
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    Securing Win 8.1

    This page is probably the best guide I have come across that's free and public. Harden Windows 8.1 So in short. Disable services you dont need. Turn of unneeded network protocols. Enable SRP or Applocker. Cryptoprevent is a good free tool that populates some SRP rules for you. Whitelist...
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    Solved Create An ISO with Install.wim Using Media Creation Tool

    Hi, I also cannot see the link, did you remove it? I am trying to make a custom 8.1 image but all tools require install.wim when it is install.esd. Following your first post I have the decrypt file but the tool you said to use isnt there.
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    DEP Opt Out not working windows 8.1 update 1 pro

    Ok so there is 4 DEP settings. Always OFF Opt IN - default Opt OUT - how I like to configure my machines and works fine on windows 7 and 10 Always ON I have set Opt OUT using EMET, can confirm its set correctly with bcdedit and control panel applet. I then exclude ftprush.exe as that...
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    What's the deal with Modern apps and DNS Client Service?

    Yeah I came across this just now, and was diagnosing the firewall and know the exact cause. So when dns client is enabled, all dns requests are routed via it, meaning applications do not need specific udp port 53 internet access. If the dns client is disabled any internet application that wants...
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    Solved IE 11, clean install, smooth scrolling doesnt work.

    this is fixed after I fixed the updates issue here http://www.eightforums.com/installation-setup/58279-clean-windows-8-1-install-updates-will-not-download.html