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    How to disable desktop.ini and thumbs.db creation completely? (8.1)

    Hello! I would like to disable the creation of these spam files totally. They provide features that I never use in the most cumbersome way. Once upon a time there were registry keys that worked: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00...
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    How to resolve the mystical "The system cannot find the path specified" issue when attempting to install drivers?

    Hi! I'm trying to install a driver for my old printer. I used this old guide before and it worked, but I now get mentioned error: Guide; How to add HP Laserjet 1010 / 1012 / 1015 Printer to Windows 8 I found a different guide, which also results in the same error message: HP LaserJet 1010 on...
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    Can I change the log-in/log-out screen from ugly flat colors to a background image?

    Hi! I hate these sorely limited and ugly flat colors that I can choose from. Is there a registry tweak or a third party tool to change it to an image? The closest I found was Decor8. But judging by the videos that only allows an arbitrary color, but replacement with a bitmap.
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    I need a good tool to import registry keys/folders from backed up registry files.

    Hi! I found no good way from importing specific registry data (for one application for example) to a new instance of windows. Ideally I could just load ntuser.dat/SYSTEM/etc and just import them to the active registry. Or at least export the keys in a reg file. (An option to edit offline...
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    Get "open file location" action to open in Total Commander instead of explorer.

    Hi! I don't know what the official name is. But many programs have this feature. When used an explorer window opens with the the appropriate file(s) highlighted. I want it to be opened in TC. There's a similar (but simpler feature), opening a folder. Which can be made to open in TC via this...
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    How to stay updated with drivers on a Ryzen based system?

    Since MS arbitrarily dropped support for wind with never CPU-s manufacturers seems to have followed and there are no win8 version of drivers and such. How can I keep recent versions of drivers without getting screwed? Is there a guide with tips around? Getting screwed would be for example...
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    Solved Disable annoying message about network drives

    Hi! I get this annoying "Could not reconnect all network drives" message on every startup of windows. Very annoying and completely for to me, it's just yet more noise. I know they're inaccessible, because they're only are when I enable them. Besides the ballon notification there's the icon...
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    How to fix MTP driver

    Hi! I recently fully upgraded windows, now that the win10 crap was removed. But MTP ceased functioning. I always get the mtp upgrade in windows update, to no avail. If I have my phone connected it fails to install. If I disconnect it it shows that the update was successfully installed, even...
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    Can't install updates, or from the store (0x80073cf0)

    Hi! Recently I tried installing an app from the store (didn't use it before), I got an "0x80073cf0" for which no useful solutions exist on the net. After I tried updating windows. I'm on un-updated 8.1. This doesn't work either. I got "Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes. Do...
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    8gadgetpack - how to hide/unhide from command line?

    Hi! I want to no how I can hide gadgets from the command line. I'm constantly frustrated by the fact that the gadgets layout is destroyed when I rotate my screen. So I set a scheduled task to unpack and overwrite the ini file for the gadgets. But it doesn't work reliably (nothing does with the...
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    Solved VC++ redistributable won't install... WTF?!

    Hi! I tried installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64) (also the x86 version). But every time it fails. And this is a new os installation.... These were the lines marked in red...
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    Need quick help: how to restore user profile

    Hi! To my very unpleasen surprise windows also removed my user account when I used the refresh reset feature. I saved the windows partition totally before doing this. How do I restore my user account? Also how do I access some sort of account manager? Without thinking I created a new account...
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    How can I set my Android phone to appear as network folder

    Hi! I want to acces my phone's internal memory and/or sd-card as a network folder (through wifi). Just like windows pc-s and laptops. How can I do this?
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    High latency, clicking and image corruption with DVB tuner

    Hi! I'm suffering from high latency which is very noticeable when I watch TV with my DVB-C tuner. I have Xonar D1 audio card which doesn't help. I update drivers, but it never seems to help. I also followed some tips, from elsewhere such as disabling HPET, CPU Enhanced Halt, EIST, in the bios...
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    Ridiculous inaccuracy after booting windows 8.1

    Hello! It started happening weeks/months ago, and it happens like half the time. The inaccuracy is brutal. It's usually hours but sometimes its more. One time it was two days in the future, showing the first of next month... I notice it because I have 1st clock syncing with a time server every...
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    Speedlink Strike 2 (SL-6535) gamepad. How to make it work?

    Hello! Windows only sees it as a generic "USB Joystick". There's a driver, but installing it changes nothing. I don't get a vibrations tab in the settings or any vibration from the gamepad at all, and it's still not recognized differently? Can I get the driver working somehow? Or some other way...
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    How to disable zero filling of newly allocated files?

    Hello! This is an issue for ages. Apparently windows writes zeros by default for all allocated files. Particularly noticable, when downloading with bittorrent, where the app hangs and the hard drive becomes unusable for quite a while. But it's also a problem more generally. Any such allocations...
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    8/8.1 crappy old games support any good workarounds?

    Hello! It seems that old games support is totally butchered on windows 8 and 8.1. They run but slowly. Desperados was unplayable for example. (I suffered through it with wineD3D and broken UI) No One Lives Forever is playable but has crappy framerates. Less than 30, which sometimes drops below...
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    Default to details view for all folders, even after change

    Hello! I'd prefer to have details for all folders. It looks like I found a solution for the annoying auto changing of folder types: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ;This registry script has been made by Vishal Gupta - AskVG.com [-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local...
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    User folders epic failure. Can't restore.

    I have this issue for a while. At one time I set both the documents and the downloads to the same folder. But now in windows 8.1 (maybe in 8 too) it got totally screwed up. I have two documents folders, or two download folders. If I restore them to default both restore to...