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    Solved Inquiry on Windows 7 UPGRADE TO Windows 8

    Hello to all I am not sure if this has been asked or answered before coz i cannot find the answer to what i have been looking for. My other Laptop is on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I have used the Windows 8 Tool Upgrade Assistant and identified those which are COMPATIBLE AND NOT COMPATIBLE. I...
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    How to RESTORE System Image CORRECTLY

    Nice day to all. I have read the tutorial/s and solution/s on the forums, but I cannot find what I am looking for. Here is my situation: -I have now installed and using two sata hard drive (Drive C "500GB" for OS and other programs and Drive D "1TB" for Games and other Documents) -I also...
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    Solved HELP>> How do I COPY dual boot OS from old HDD to new HDD?

    Good day to all. Currently I have dual boot Windows 7 & 8 on my 500GB SATA HDD. I am planning of installing/adding new 1TB SATA HDD. How to I copy the dual boot Windows 7 & 8 from the 500GB HDD to the 1TB HDD (My plan is to use the 500 GB HDD as data files back-up only) Thanks a lot.
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    Windows 8: Create a System Image on a Dual Boot OS Windows 7

    Hello again to all. Can anyone please explain because this a little bit confuses me, CREATING a SYSTEM IMAGE, now that I have a DUAL BOOT win7-win8 OS. >>I want to know if I CREATE A SYSTEM IMAGE via windows 7 (my default OS), and then later, if ever I RESTORE THIS CREATED SYSTEM IMAGE, will...
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    Solved Windows 8: should i or should i not upgrade from windows 7?

    Hello everyone, particularly to all those who were able to upgrade and now using the OS windows 8 from windows 7. I am just getting the opinions, or the experiences good or not so good or bad or worst as it may, after installing windows 8. Is it really a wise move to upgrade? Coz with...