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  1. J

    System Image Restore Points won't delete

    In System Restore I have three ‘System Image Restore Points’ classification type ‘Backup’ All three go back to 2014 and are of no use to me anymore. I have tried to Delete them using the Delete button in System Restore but they always remain listed even after all my other Restore Points have...
  2. J

    Advanced Startup has no recovery options

    I am wanting to restore my Windows 8.1 laptop from a System Image stored on an external hard drive. I opened the ‘Charms bar’ and clicked on ‘Settings’ then ‘Change PC settings’ then clicked on ‘Update and Recovery’ then ‘Recovery’ and selected ‘Restart Now’ under ‘Advanced Startup’ I then...
  3. J

    Myst V End of Ages fails to install

    I installed Myst V End of Ages onto my Windows 8.1 pc without problem up to the point where DirectX 9 was required. DirectX 9 failed to install but Myst V was still left on my PC and would load OK except there were no images just a black screen. I uninstalled Myst V using ‘Add Remove Programs’...
  4. J

    Solved How can I remove Videos from Libraries in navigation pane

    I have no need for the Videos folder in the windows 8.1 Library so would like to remove it from the file explorer navigation pane. I have tried deleting it but it keeps coming back. I have removed it using the Manage option but it still re-appears. Can anyone help me. Thanks Jan
  5. J

    Solved Registry cleaner has caused Autorun problems in Windows 8

    I ran 'Wise Registry Cleaner' on my Windows 8 upgraded to 8.1 Dell Inspiron 17R 7720 Laptop. After the software finished scanning and cleaned up 47 errors I re-booted I found I had problems. When I inserted a USB key I got no notification popup asking me what I wanted to do and the contents of...
  6. J

    Solved Windows 8 updates taking up too much disk space

    I just did a clean install of windows 8 without all the Dell software being installed on my Dell Inspiron 7720 17R SE Laptop. When the installation was finished I had 179GB of free space showing on the 200GB drive C: partion. I just finished downloading and installing 111 recommended...
  7. J

    Solved Can't remove System Restore Points

    I have two restore points in System Restore that will not be removed. Both are System Image Restore Points that were created when I was experimenting with the Windows 7 Recovery backup tool in Windows 8. The backups were unsuccessful so I deleted them but I have been left with these two Restore...
  8. J

    Solved Remove external drives from the 'send to' context menu

    I have removed the not needed options in the right click 'Send To' context menu but am still left with a list of external drives which I also want to remove...see picture. How can I remove this list of external drives. Thanks Jan
  9. J

    Solved How can I add 'Any Folder' to the windows context menu

    When I used windows XP Microsoft made available some very useful tweaks called 'Powertoys'. One of those tweaks was called 'Send To'. This added 'Any Folder' to the right click context menu which allowed you to browse to the exact location you wanted to copy or move a file or folder to. For...
  10. J

    My Ebay icon keeps randomly changing to a globe icon

    This is not a major problem but I would like to resolve it if I can. The Ebay icon on my desktop keeps randomly changing to a dark green globe of the world icon. Why has it started doing this and how can I stop it. I would also like to know where icons (.ico) files are stored in Windows 8...
  11. J

    Solved How do I restore default background image in photos app

    I have accidently changed the background image of the windows 8 photos app and can't find a way to restore the default image...which I prefer. Can anyone help me with this please... Thanks Jan
  12. J

    Can't delete contacts in Windows Live Mail

    I have 2 contacts listed in Windows Live Mail that can’t be deleted....all other contacts can be deleted OK. The 2 contacts are marked as Favourites and originally come from my Skype account....no idea how they came to be in my email contacts list. Anyone know how I can remove them from my...
  13. J

    Adding Online Banking Icon to taskbar changes to IE Icon

    I have created a shortcut icon which takes me directly to my Online Banking Login page. I would like to place this icon (an image of a padlock taken from windows icon cache) on the taskbar. My problem is, when I drag the icon to the taskbar a popup asks me if I want to 'Pin to Internet...
  14. J

    Problem adding new account to 'Mail' in Windows 8

    I am trying to add several email accounts to 'Mail' in Windows 8. So far I have successfully added Hotmail, and BT mail. I am now trying to add my 2 Virginmedia NTL accounts using the imap settings shown on the Virginmedia support site but neither of them install correctly...though they do...
  15. J

    Windows Live Mail v Outlook Express

    I am using Windows live Mail on a Windows 8 Laptop. I have 6 email accounts that I use regularly. In Windows Live Mail each account has it’s own entry complete with ‘Inbox’, ‘Drafts’, ‘Sent Items’, ‘Junk’ and ‘Deleted items’ folders. There is also a Windows Live Mail ‘Outbox’, ‘Drafts’...