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    build in camera not found

    windows 8.1 64bit A notebook's display was flickering and sent for repair. When shipping the webcam worked. After getting the notebook back, the webcam does not work. The microphone next to the webcam works. The repair consisted in getting a new display cable. I assume the webcam's cables are...
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    error about create a system image

    windows 8.1 64bit on a lenovo computer. The computer has license key in hardware. No iso. It has a button for recovery mode. If I want to get a back up, I have to make a create system image. control panel -> system security -> file history -> system image backup. An usb dvd drive is connected...
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    Solved free software which will shrink system partition?

    On a hdd the windows 8.1 64bit home system partition c is 450gb. I want to shrink the partition to about 100gb. Disk management cannot do that. Is there free software which will shrink the partition to about 100gb? Thank you.
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    macrium reflect free shrink size of hdd?

    Macrium Reflect Free macrium reflect free 6.3 I want to create a restore image of windows 8 64bit. Windows 8 is on a 500gb hdd. Can macrium reflect free shrink the size of the hdd to 160gb enabling the image to get installed on a 160gb hdd? Else is there another free piece of software which...
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    windows 8 image creator that is free?

    Is there a free image creator that can burn an image of windows 8 onto dvds? No trial version. Can make the size of the hdd image smaller for installing on a smaller hdd. Thank you.
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    Solved on new computer windows update stuck

    Started a new notebook with windows 8.1 64bit installed. Chose local account. Updater stuck. Then downloaded kb3135499 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=50796. Installation of kb3135499 stucks. Window keeps saying searching for updates on this computer. Cannot cancel the...
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    installing both windows 8 and windows 7 on a notebook?

    Got a notebook with windows 8 installed. And a windows 7 iso and key. I want to move windows 8 to another hdd and add windows 7. The hdd is for testing. It is not important if it may not work. Can you do this? Make a system image of windows 8. Intall windows 8 on another hdd's 1. partition...
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    windows 8.1 ar9223 chip driver

    A tp link 802.11n pci wifi card has an atheros ar9223 chip. At tp you can download no windows 8.1 driver. Is there somewhere you can download a driver for the chip? I have found this homepage http://www.atheros.cz/atheros-wireless-download.php?chi... but I do not know if it is a valid...