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    Different download speeds on two machines side by side

    I have a 60mb fibre broadband – on my old laptop (Win 8.1)with no external antenna, only what is built into the machine – I am getting over 62mb on several tests. My desktop – fourcore intel i5, 8mb ram on Win8 has no antenna either so I have an Alfa (AWUS036NH) with a 6db gain aerial attached...
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    Problm with first name display in Outlook (Office 2010)

    Hi, I am running two computers - desktop with Win 8 - laptop with Win 8.1. both have new installs of MS Office 2010. laptop runs everything OK, exported all my mail/contacts etc from laptop to my desktop and have checked them (contacts etc) and all identical and correct. When i send a test mail...
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    Solved System Recovery not working

    I have attempted to do a system recover using both system set recovery points and one that I made, and all have failed. I get a message that says the problem may be with my antivirus program. I have Bitdefender Total Security 2013 - I have shut that down and turned off win 8 firewall and shut...
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    Solved MS Office Outlook 2007 - Receive OK but unable to send

    I have been using Outlook 2007 for many years (Outlook 2003 before that) and have never had any problems. I have updated to Win8 on my desktop about a month ago and the day before yesterday I found that I was unable to send any mail but my receive was OK. This also happened at the same time on...