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    Account name replaced by email acc & password interface..

    My issue is: When i change my account name on windows 8: Paul/1, it sends me back to a new windows login interface where it wants me to enter an email & password & i don't want that, i want to connect using the name only as i've set in the beginning & bypass that stupid account connection...
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    Win8 update & user login restructured..

    Hi, this rubbish microsoft system is forcing me to use an email to modify my computer/user name.. since i updated win8. i just entered a stupid email, but even better, microsoft morons engaged a verification of that email so i can't even add any email.. & the thing is, i dont want to add any...
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    Mute the system volume through de Taskbar icon on Double C

    Hi, is there a weak that would allow me to mute the system volume by double clicking the microsoft speaker icon on the taskbar ?
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    Solved Missing "Color and Appearance" Windows .. .

    When a user clicks on "color" in personalisation, this is the window i should get: How to Make Windows 8 Transparent But instead, i get this:
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    Is aero still alive ?

    I killed aero everywhere & still have this blue crap .. . How could I get rid of it ?
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    win8 startup sound resource ?

    where can I find the startup sound that i'd like to replace ?
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    Solved wlm sound ..

    wlm 2012 not playing my notify sound that is present & checked in the sounds menu of control panel..
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    where is safe mode boot option ?

    f5 doesn't work on restart .. .
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    The new explorer ui outpasses my screen borders

    The new explorer ui outpasses my screen borders when a window's enlarged .. . >> full screen screenshot:
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    Disable autoscroll in ie10

    I need a way to turn off that round circle with 2 arrows inside that appears on the middle of the screen when I middle click anywhere on a page..
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    Solved Unable to disable a service (greyed out)

    A service which is safe to disable (information found on a website) is actually greyed out In the properties of "software protection" in the services console, startup type is "greyed out". is there another way to disable it ?
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    Solved magic icon text font reset..

    magic icon text font size reset.. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display I can change my desktop icon text size, from 9 to 11 Each time I restart my "Microsoft windows eight", the size is resert to 9.
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    Uac ( hell :) with some files while it's disabled..

    So I disabled uac for various reasons, like even not blocking erunt from accessing reg files & saving files .. . & now I have a magic message when I open unregistered files, example "whatever.jpg" .. . Message: (full file address) This application can't be activated when UAC is disabled...
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    Remove rotate right / rotate left

    Hi, how could I remove explorer's rotate right / rotate left that appears in submenu when I click on a picture for example, I don't even have nor want thumbnails..
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    Solved Take ownership (folder) not affecting submenus..

    I'd like to have it affect all remaining submenus + files like in win7
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    Solved Recover the drop down slider to pick ico/folder size

    Is there a way to have that slider again to adjust a more precise icon size in explorer ?
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    Solved Display all files in a computer besides desktop.ini's

    Hi, I had found a patch that does it before but I don't remember where. and all I've found is attrib desktop.ini +s +h /s but even running cmd with admins rights, I get an access denied, even using a command environment before reaching windows. I need to have access to any files even system...
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    Solved Change my desktop icons to 32 bits view in registry?

    Hi, i'd like to change my desktop icons to 32bits view without having to install the laptop drivers 100mb or more video drivers. I prefer letting windows8 manage the display, without installing garbage video tools.. & adding more garbage to my vm. could you offer me a way to modify it in the...
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    missing files

    Hi, i've deleted files from the folders C:\Program Files\Common Files\System by mistake & i've highly tweaked & customized my os & don't want to redownload the entire setup & risk to lose any customization It would be very nice if someone could upload his C:\Program Files\Common Files\System...