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  1. loquacious

    Purchased Apps not appearing in start menu

    I recently purchased a game from the Windows Store. It said it was installed. I went to the start screen to find it and it is not there. I did a search and it does not show up. I went back to the store to re-install it but it says I own the app, Anyone have any ideas how I can sort this out...
  2. loquacious

    Brother MFC-9330CDW

    I cannot get the scanning component of my new printer to work. The "scanner" appears in device manager but has an error (yellow exclamation), it seems that the installation of the scanner network driver fails every time I try to install it. The printer prints fine just will not scan. I have it...
  3. loquacious

    Paying for Metro Apps

    Does anyone know how you can set up an account for paying for Metro Apps when you live in Australia? I tried setting up via paypal but only seems applicable if you live in the US.
  4. loquacious

    Solved Logitech c500 Webcam

    I just downloaded the latest drivers for my webcam and trying to install them get the message "sorry these drivers are not compatible with your operating system" I tried again in compatibility mode (windows7) and got same result. Anyone managed to get this driver to work?
  5. loquacious

    Truelaunch Bar

    So happy Truelaunch bar still works with Win 8 rp
  6. loquacious

    Solved Windows 7 File Recovery

    I used this to create a system image which it did without any problem. I was then asked to create a system repair disk. I put a blank disk into the drive and told it to create ... the result was the following message. I had no problem creating a system repair disk with Win 8 CP and still...
  7. loquacious

    Solved PCI Simple Communications Controller

    Does anyone know what this is and where I might find a driver for it? It never popped up when I initially installed Win 8 RP but I had to do a refresh and now I have this in device manager. I have tried every driver on the mother board install disk with no success.
  8. loquacious

    IE 10 Freezes

    Whenever I try watching videos in IE 10 I after a minute or so of watching my system freezes and I have to reboot. This also happens if I watch videos in firefox. Any ideas on what could be causing this to happen? My details are in my system specs.
  9. loquacious

    Hovering over links

    When I hover over links in IE 10 the links turn red. Is this supposed to happen and if not why is it happening?
  10. loquacious

    A Quick Question

    I checked my device manager to see if I had the right display driver installed. I noticed that I actually have two display drivers installed one for my GTX 680 and the other for the on-board graphics. Should both be installed or should I be disabling the on-board graphics?
  11. loquacious

    Windows Update

    Windows had an update for "Games for Windows 3.5" I installed it. A quick check revealed it had installed successfully, however I got another notification that an important update was available, without thinking I installed it and went to check it was successful only to find it was BUT it was...
  12. loquacious

    Solved Brother MFC-6490CW

    Hi ... I have managed to get the printer to print under Win 8 RP but no matter what I try the scanning function under the control Center will not work. Scanning worked fine when I was using Win 8 CP but for some reason now I have installed the RP it has decided not to work. I continually get...
  13. loquacious

    Solved Cannot Activate Windows 8 RP

    Hi Guys I just installed Win8 RP and tried activating it but consistently get the following error message .. any ideas?
  14. loquacious

    Microsoft accidentally announces Windows 8 Release Preview

    Microsoft Accidentally Announces Windows 8 Release Preview Early
  15. loquacious

    Solved IE 10 Desktop

    Even though I have installed Adobe flash player I keep getting the message in IE 10 desktop that it is not installed and to install the latest version. I have uninstalled it and re-installed it several times and have run out of ideas. Any suggestions?
  16. loquacious

    Solved IE 10 and Facebook

    Anyone else having trouble with facebook with IE 10? I am only getting half a page when I log on. (see pic) I have reset everything to no avail. It happens in both desktop and metro view. I have tried compatibility setting also. Any ideas to try anyone? BTW not happening in windows 7 IE 9...
  17. loquacious

    Windows Defender

    Over the past few days I continually get a message in the Action Centre saying Windows Defender needs to scan my system. I let it scan and it finds nothing. All is fine until I switch off then when I restart the message is back. Anyone else experiencing this?
  18. loquacious

    Solved Store

    Is it just me or has the "store" changed. I now get a totally different screen (see attached) when I load it up and no apps at all in any of the sections.
  19. loquacious

    Ultimate Trouble Shooter

    Does anyone know if this excellent program runs under windows 8?
  20. loquacious

    Metro Photo App.

    All was working fine until this morning. I went to view some photos using this app and got the following message (attached) I went to the store but there are no updates available. I even uninstalled the app and re-installed it and get the same message when trying to use it. Anyone have any...