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    Solved Can't boot into Safe Mode?

    I'll try to boot Safe Mode, but as soon as it boots, I get nothing else appearing on my screen but my cursor, and only if I move my mouse. The start menu isn't there, the taskbar isn't there, shortcuts don't work (ctrl+rubbish+esc, windows+r, etc), basically no Windows services work properly. Can...
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    Can't activate Write Cache for SSD

    Samsung Magician gives me this error: And Device Manager shows me this: What is going on? Please help... My speeds would be faster if only I could turn this feature on.
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    Solved Can't change account pic or lock screen wallpaper?

    When I go to the charms bar> Settings> Change PC settings, I can't change the lock screen wallpaper. If I click on browse, this happens below, and it freezes. I've tried the same thing for changing the profile pic, and again it freezes. Please help?
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    Help identifying files in C:\ drive?

    I'm seeing these files in my C:\ drive. Just need some help identifying them, so I can know what to do with them! Much thanks :)
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    Corrupt Boot Problem

    I'll try to keep this short as possible. I bought parts to build a new PC. It has an SSD so it'll boot fast, and boot fast it did. Unfortunately, something happened a few days later (boot got corrupt someway or another) and I got this message. So I go about my way to restore Windows. Sucks...
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    "Driver IRQL Not Less or Equal (iaStorA.sys)"

    I looked my problem up, and apparently something called Intel Rapid Storage Technology causes this problem. I don't know what that is? I don't think I have that software, so why am I getting the same error as this thread? I have Intel Rapid Start Technology (in the MSI bios), but not what is...
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    Solved Restarting my computer signs me out of a lot of things.

    This has happened twice so far. After turning my PC off, and turning it back on in the morning, I find myself signed out of my chrome, my bookmarks, also Including apps outside of chrome, like Dropbox, and Outlook. What's going on?
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    Error 0x80070426. Also can't activate Software Protection!

    These are the instructions I found googling my problem: 1. Type services.msc, and then press Enter. 2. In the list of services locate Software Licensing 3. Right-click it, select Properties 4. Change “Startup type:” to Automatic, then click OK 5. You may then need...
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    AOMEI problem.

    Trying to use the AOMEI Backupper to restore an image file onto my SSD, but it won't let me. How can I use the .adi file to restore? I have the backed up files but they're useless with AOMEI at the moment. :(
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    Weird MSI/Windows 8.1 error?

    I recently had to reinstall Windows 8.1 because of a boot issue, but now the way the PC boots has changed. Here's the boot issue before I reinstalled: It takes longer, and this time I see flashing white lines before Windows 8.1 boots. In particular, MSI Fast boot no longer works...
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    Latest Windows updates removes hand to close apps?

    I've recently noticed a Windows update that changes the way you close apps, amongst a number of other things. What it was: What it is now: And you know what? This update was unticked in the 'Update and Recovery' section. Every other update had a checkbox ticked, this one didn't. Other...
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    Boot Problems in Windows 8.1

    Boot computer, BIOS loads, and Windows doesn't. I get this error message: http://i.imgur.com/fnTDwAN.jpg So I google it, and find these instructions: Windows RT 8.1 upgrade fails with Boot Configuration error | Annoying stuff I figured out (or am trying to) I'm up to the bit on entering the CP...
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    Solved USBs do not work until Windows 8.1 log in screen shows

    This is troublesome for a number of reasons. Can't access BIOS/CMOS. Can't go into Safemode. And sometimes, it takes a good 30 seconds after Windows 8.1 log in screen for me to be able to use USB devices. I say USB devices, but what I really need is my keyboard and mouse. Neither work.