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    Solved Windows Apps don't work for one user, but work for others.

    I have checked everywhere online, and I haven't found a single explanation for this. I have 3 user accounts. 1. Administrator 2. initial user 3. new user So the initial user is the one you are forced to create when first setting up Windows 8.1. It's a local user meaning that I set it up...
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    IE11 Update Error KB2962872 Windows 8.1

    During update, W8.1 restarts, and goes to the boot screen. Then gives this error: We couldn’t complete the updates, Undoing changes. Don’t turn off your computer. All updates that were installed get undone. And if you install updates again, it will do the same thing. The reason is because of...
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    Solved Update Error - couldn't complete. Undoing changes.

    Error: We couldn’t complete the updates, Undoing changes. Don’t turn off your computer.After initial setup, I installed Windows Firewall, Avast, and Chrome. That's it so far. I ran updates I think the first one went through. The next one didn't. And I got that error. And I tried again a few...
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    Is there anything that can send large files over internet?

    Is there a app or a website or something that can send large files? So I have about a dozen files that I want to send to a friend in another state. Ranging from about 100 MB to 5 GB. The total of all the files together is roughly 26 GB. One Drive won't let me upload anything over 4 GB. Plus it...
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    Can't Disable Defender

    I found 2 services related to Defender. -Windows Defender -Windows Defender Network When I open the properties, all the options are blanked out.
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    Surface Pro 3 i5 4GB vs 8GB

    So the thing with the Surface Pro 3 is W8.1 Professional. And that means Windows 8 apps. Apps for W8 is the fastest growing line of software in history. Because of this, more and more, better and better, software is being developed. Aside from the ripoff keyboard, I would say that the Surface...
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    How do you move icons from Start to Desktop?

    I like W8 interface alot, but certain things don't seem to work. Like normally, you could go into the Start menu, and copy/move/edit/delete icons. But In W8, I don't see any way of doing this. The only options they give you is to pin. So the "All Programs" Menu in W8 is the Apps menu. And...
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    Solved Is Intel embedded GPU the same as a graphics card?

    Many game system requirements say that a discrete graphics card needs to be installed in order to play. For example, even Diablo 3 which isn't that intensive wouldn't play on my friend's desktop computer until he installed a nVidia graphics card. Then it played perfectly. Even though he has a...
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    What's with the Windows Defender Updates?

    So the first thing I did with Surface Pro 3 was run all the updates. I would actually have to go back to the previous menu, and back into the update section to recheck for updates. All until I could reboot, and there were no more updates available. So ever since then, I have been getting new...
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    Can Skype or Office 2013 send faxes?

    So I have a pdf that needs to be faxed to a certain fax number. Is there something in W8, Skype, Office 2013, that can do it? Or maybe a good app that can be installed?
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    QQ: Surface Pro 3 graphics card.

    Please delete I'm not sure how to delete a thread. I searched in the editing section, but I can't find any option. Anyway, I created a thread in the wrong section. Going to recreate it in the right one. PLEASE DELETE THIS ONE.
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    iMovie = Apple is a better software company.

    Microsoft is a software company? Really? What about iMovie? Free from Apple. And what MS gives is Movie Maker? At its inception, Movie Maker was so bad, anybody who didn't know which company it came from would have easily said that this software developer needs to be in another business. Not...
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    Solved How do you reset to default theme/configuration?

    So I created a brand new user in Windows 8 using my MSA. And I set it to set up as a new PC so that it wouldn't carry over themes or any settings from the previous computer. But as soon as I signed in, it had all of my old settings, themes, and configurations from my old computer. So how do I...
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    Solved Best W8 Firewall 2014?

    Since I'm back on W8, I'm looking into Firewalls again. Firewalls from MS don't make any sense. Because it will likely let anything from MS through the lines. And I don't want anything going through without asking for my permission first. I need something that is going to stop every single...
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    Difference between Kinect V2 and Kinect XB1?

    What is the difference between the Kinect V2 for Windows and XB1 Kinect? Does V2 have better hardware?
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    Does anybody know any good firewall?

    I've tried Comodo in the past, but for some reason it just doesn't work. Like if any application is attempting to access the internet, it should let me know every single time, and ask me if I want to block, allow, always block, or always allow. Something of that sort. Yet with Comodo it seems...
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    How to arrange tiles in the new full screen Start Menu?

    When I try to arrange the tiles pinned in the new full screen Start Menu, they all slide next to each other in columns of 2. But I can't figure out how to set the tiles anywhere I want. Or set the column spacers. Everything just slides to the top left. Like say I have 20 tiles, and I wanted to...
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    ERROR: App can't be activated by built in Administrator

    This has been the most frustrating thing of all time. It seems like exactly something Vista would do. Does anybody know how to fix this so I can activate applications? It was giving me this error at first with IE10, but now it's able to open. I get the error for trying to launch those built in...
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    Solved Confused about interface.

    I just did a completely clean install of W8 RP on a new system. So when it boots up there's this weird tile screen. 1. I know how to get to the desktop. You click the bottom left corner to switch between desktop and the full screen tile Start Menu. So I noticed there is an "All Apps" button on...