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    can't print-have to run onenote

    I'm trying to help a friend get her printer working. Every time she tries to print, she gets a message saying she has to run onenote first. I had her check to see what her computer shows for the default printer and it's her HP envy, which is what it's supposed to be. There's nothing listed for...
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    computer says low disk space but I have over 800GBs free

    I just got a message on my hp laptop this morning saying I had low disk space on my C drive, which is my primary drive but when I checked to see how much space was left it says I have 846gbs free out of 908gbs. Why would I get this message when it looks as if I have plenty of free space?
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    kernel data inpage error

    I was using my computer and thought I might have heard a quick beep but nothing happened so I wasn't sure if I was just hearing things but then perhaps 5 minutes later I got a blue screen with a message saying my computer had to shut down and restart. It said I could get more information about...
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    changing a default program

    I am trying to open the help files that are associated with Corel Psp x6 but every time I click help, it tries to open Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver won't open and gives me a message saying it stopped working and has to close. I tried opening the help files when Dreamweaver was already opened and got...
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    Solved open or save to folders locked into full screen

    I don't know if this is a Windows issue or just an issue with my software but I was using Corel Paint shop pro x6 and I'm not sure what I did but after opening files or using the save to option several times, all of a sudden the window started opening full screen and there doesn't seem to be any...
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    Closing viewed pictures on Facebook using ie 11

    If I look at a picture someone posts on Facebook and then try to close it out by clicking the x in the top right corner, a pop up appears saying to hit escape to close. I'll hit escape on my keyboard and a first, nothing happens. I'll click the pop up and click the x again and eventually it...
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    Problem setting up new windows 8.1 computer

    I just got and I'm in the process of exchanging a new windows 8.1 computer for one with a touch screen and thought I'd try to iron out some of the problems I encountered when trying to set up the first computer. It asks you if you have a Microsoft account which I thought I did but kept getting...