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    Simple Trickery to download the 8.1 ISO!

    Hi, Not sure if this was posted or not. But here we go Download the Windows 8.1 ISO using a Windows 8 key and some simple trickery [Admin Edit] - Method originally found here - http://www.eightforums.com/installation-setup/33164-how-download-windows-8-1-iso.html
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    Fixes Hard Drives in win8 too. Check this out

    Hi, Thought Id share my experience here. Great piece of software here. MBRWizard Suite Products which is mbrwizard Recently on my win 8.1 config which consist of 2 120gb ssd (samsung 840 evos) non raid and 2 toshiba 1tb drives non raid (but ran raid zero on previous config before the ssd...
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    Some great security software

    Hey, Check this out it is win 8.1 compatible. And really helps prevent a lot of intrusions and annonyances. quite an old app but it will tell just who is spying on you too or trying to. lol PeerBlock ? Peerblock Site Peerblock 1.1
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    Start Button Alt

    Hi, Thought I would share this, been using it a while once i learned Lenovo will be using this in there win8 pc's. https://www.pokki.com/ check it out
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    HP Switchable Graphics under Windows 8.1 Pro RTM !!!

    HP Switchable Graphics under Windows 8.1 Pro RTM YES! Greetings, I have been following the thread and so forth on the switchable graphics and anything to do with windows 8 for the longest time. I got one of those laptops where HP claims it doesnt support windows 8 and so forth. HP Envy 14...