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  1. Ballistyx

    Gesture recognition in Windows 8, 9, or 10?

    Bill Gates suggested in an interview with CNet that the Windows group is considering support for 3D gesture recognition. Gestures would be 3D movements that could be sensed by special 3D depth sensing cameras. There are other ways to detect user movements, but 3D cameras are coming down in...
  2. Ballistyx

    Custom Windows 8 Wallpapers

    Has we dont know for sure its going to be called "windows 8" we will go with it for the moment.. i am an editor/maker of wallpapers on the windows seven forum and the thread is a big hit so i thought i would start it here =) (hopeful when forum gets all its catalogues a mod or...
  3. Ballistyx

    Windows 8 starts to come into focus

    Here we go its at the planning stage ;) More here