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    Can't find the Windows 10 forum...

    I went from 8.1 to 10. I typed in Windows 10 Forum and nothing popped up for the forum. Can I get a link please? I had 8.1 with the sliding search bar and settings and it will not open. it opens up with Action Center..no X to get rid of the page. I did add Cortona and wonder if she took...
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    Looking for an extractor for Rar files

    Is there anyplace I can get a Free. REALLY free extractor for rar files? Everything says free till you download it and realize it is a 2 week trial. What rar extractorprogram are YOU using? Thanks for any help, Eileen
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    Files I never heard of... .rtx .eps

    finding these in my graphic folders. they won't open....... how can I open them ??? Eileen
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    Oh No... I am typing and no letters are showing up

    I have done this before but do not remember how to fix it....I must have inadvertently clicked a key and now when i type i see no words I have just typed .....just white space on the page. Someone please clue me in. I promise to save the "fix'. Thanks so much for any help.... Eileen Forgot...
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    Solved Question about SpyHunter4....

    I downloaded a free download for Spy hunter 4. I installed it. It took 2 hours to scan my computer. It gets all done, says it has 255 threats, I get to see them. I click "fix it" and NOW have to register it. In order to register it I have to BUY it. $39.99. So if I don't purchase it I will have...
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    Will this work to remove this program?

    Someone on the general forum sent me this info to remove BING from my computer. . Can't find my original post on the General Forum. I asked for it to be put back there and it was last night. But now I can't find it. "Run SFC /SCANNOW to repair any errors. Run DISM /ONLINE /CLEANUP-IMAGE...
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    IT'S BACK !BING! How to delete once & for all!

    I thought I had gotten rid of that PEST months ago. It has taken over my browser. I did not install it. Is there a free program to get rid of this unwelcome visitor? Saw something about Spy Hunter...what is the best Easiest way to do this? It's not in add/remove programs. Thanks in advance...
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    booting time too long, opening files/desktop takes Forever

    Yep, I am back. I posted before and everyone was very helpful but my computer is running slower than ever AND when it DOES boot up if I click on a program to open or open a file it just spins and spins, No idea what is going on. I run CCleaner, and Malware Bytes Anti malware, not showing any...
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    contract widows system administator on how to update 8.1

    My brother hasWindows 7 and got an invite but when he tried to install Windows 10 he got this message. "pc is running enterprised or volume version of windows 8.1 cannot be updated windows store contract widows system administrator on how to update 8.1." Can I please get an...
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    Solved Internet Explorer is out of date... REALLY?

    I keep getting this message box popping up. How to know if it is for real????? It looks legit. Has the Internet Logo on it too. Important Update Internet Explorer is out of date. Click install to update. Don't ask Again Remind later...
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    Solved I emptied my recycle bin... how do get contents back?

    Please tell me its possible. I need to retrieve a business card from my Print Master program. Any and all help greatly appreciated. :(
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    How long does it take your computer to boot up???

    I posted another thread here about my computer taking 7 Minutes to boot up. This is a brand spanking new laptop. I got great support by the genius' here. Deleted a lot of "bloat", I am now booting up at 1min 45seconds. brooksndun says... Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD...
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    Solved New computer Windows 8.1 takes 7 minutes to open!

    I can't BELIEVE this. Got a new HP Envy laptop. Best Buy loaded everything. When they showed it to me I mentioned it took too long to open. They had no answer. Last year I reloaded Windows 7 on my older computer. Greg Rocker helped me take off the JUNK he says comes on a new puter. Can anyone...
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    Solved .pdf pics open but I can't manipulate anything.

    The pics just open full size in a window. No controls, no way to copy or paste. Nothing. Running a new HP Envy computer. Do I need this??? I have it on my Windows 7. Does anyone know anything about this site??? FREE????? Really???? adobe acrobat 9 free download full version Thanks...