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    turn your dialup network connection to metered

    turn your 3G Cellular dialup network connection to metered hi here guys :) i am mostly connected to a limited 3G Cellular dialup connection so i want to turn it into a metered connection but i am unable as the connection doesn't show up at the connection tab (in settings) please if someone...
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    Solved what is the correct device name

    hi there ;) i bought a IOGEAR Bluetooth usb adapter for my computer now i want to get the right driver for it but here starts the fun on the USB is written "GBU521" on the mini CD that came with the adapter is written "GBU521.GBU521W6" when i plugged in the adapter in my PC Windows automatically...
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    Solved bsod suddenly did nothing special

    Hi i suddenly got a bsob i did nothing then it happened again on the 17'th i finely got the results of the dm log tool
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    bluetooth adapter

    hi i want to buy myself a Bluetooth adapter for my PC to listen to music through my bluetooth headset but i want to make sure that there is correct drivers for that how do i check it up or maybe someone could just post a good reliable bluetooth adapter thanks in advance
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    script to add/remove drive letter

    hi there i am trying to make a script using diskpart to assign or remove the drive letter of a certain volume what i want is that the script should check if that volume has/doesn't have a drive letter and do the opposite for example if i run the script and there is already a drive letter...
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    set mailto in context menu as gmail

    hi i want to set the mailto in the sent to context menu as gmail how do i do that? thanks in advance
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    Solved view your hardware information

    hi guys i'm quite new on being my own technician so i would like to ask some questions. i bought myself a second hand PC that's basically not worth anything (indeed i paid pennies 20 bucks), so i decided to reformat it and put up win' 8.1, now i'm stuck with the drivers some drivers are missing...