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    Restore Media Macrium Reflect

    I'm planning on creating in addition to a CD a USB flash restore drive. The problem is that no where can I find how large of a flash drive do I need. I'd appreciate your insight.
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    Macrium Reflect Pro Differntial

    When I'm doing multiple differential images, let's say with a weekly internal, do I make each subsequent one starting from the last differential or from the initial full image? As I've looked it seems to allow to do it one way or the other, but I'd like to know the proper safe alternative. Thanks
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    Cannot access devices and printers

    When I click on the View Devices and Printers in the Control Panel nothing happens... the bar turns green and keep hanging in there without displaying any information. The printer works fine, I can see it in programs; I checked the Printer Spooler and the Blue Tooth Support services, they are...
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    Unable to update

    Win 8 Pro, 86 There is no way I can go through an update I keep getting a "failed "message after attempting installation. On reboot the comp hangs when trying to configure and I have to reboot which ultimately gives the message "failure configuring windows update, reverting changes, do not turn...
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    F8 to reboot into safe mode

    I've discovered that Win 8 dumped the F8 key on reboot to enter safe mode, now it seems that you have to go through a convoluted process within Win 8 to set up boot into safe mode or alternatively through "msconfig". What if you can't boot into Win 8, wasn't that one of the uses of safe mode...
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    Solved Failure configuring Windows update

    Win8 Pro. I ran update and tried to install 2 important items and on reboot I got the message "Failure configuring Windows update". Please advise.
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    Cannot install APPs

    Dear Users, I don't know why, but when I open an app (lets say a free one), the info displayed on the left part of the screen does not show the install tab, so there's no way to proceed with the installation. Same thing with apps I have to purchase. Please advise. Arturo