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  1. MCPlayer18

    Computer Helper ALPHA

    Hello! I have made a program that I hope will assist your computer. It is in it's Alpha 1.3 stage. (As of 8/10/2015) I would really appreciate if anyone was willing to try out my program. Please report any bugs to me so I can fix them! Also, if you have any ideas for the program that will...
  2. MCPlayer18

    First Letter of the Day Game

    Okay here are the rules: You have to say a word that starts with the letter of today's date. (i.e. Friday) Like, if today's a Friday, you can say "Fry" or "Flight"
  3. MCPlayer18

    Computer Helper ALPHA

    Hello, reader. In my spare time I made a .bat file that is a PC helper. It's safe, doesn't crash when it's not run as admin. Is anyone willing to check it out? You can report bugs to me via replying to this forum or PMing me. It would also be cool if anyone could give me ideas for the PC...
  4. MCPlayer18

    iOS Ten Forums application: Will they make it?

    Hello! Since there are a SevenForums app and an EightForums app, why not a TenForums app? Quick and cool access from your home screen to a mobile version of the website. It's also going to be famous. (I'm assuming) Reply if you agree.
  5. MCPlayer18

    Review my rig:

    Intel Core i5-4690K, MSI GeForce GTX 970, Cooler Master Elite 431 Plus (Black) - System Build - PCPartPicker What do you guys think of it? Is it great or does it need improvements?
  6. MCPlayer18

    Want an OP gaming rig? Click here!

    Hello I built a gaming rig out of boredom and why not check it out! Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition, EVGA GeForce GTX 980 (3-Way SLI), Corsair 750D - System Build - PCPartPicker
  7. MCPlayer18

    Solved Gaming Rig Everything right?

    Hello, I din't know where to put my build so I put it here. Take a look: Intel Core i5-4690K, MSI GeForce GTX 970, Corsair SPEC-02 - System Build - PCPartPicker I'm a bit confused on the power supply side of things. Should I get a more wattage PSU? An 80+ Gold PSU? Any recommended PSU's that...
  8. MCPlayer18

    Gaming Rig Just right?

    I didn't know where to put this thread so I put it in gaming. I'm saving up for some parts to build a Gaming Rig but I'm unsure weather everything is compatible and i it will run really fast. Here are the specs: Intel Core i5-4690K, EVGA GeForce GTX 970, Corsair SPEC-02 - System Build -...
  9. MCPlayer18

    So many problems!

    Hi, I'm having A TON OF PROBLEMS! My account is the built-in admin account and it claims that I have no admin privileges like saying Access is denied to stuff like java. I can't run .exe files either! My Google Chrome won't open. NOT Even Internet Explorer! I can't do anything on my pc! (In case...
  10. MCPlayer18

    2 Batteries?

    Hi, so I've seen that some laptops have 2 batteries. You click on the Battery Symbol and it'll say Battery 1: #% Charged and Battery 2: #% Charged I was wondering if my laptop could have 2 batteries? That would be great to know if it could! If it can, can I have a link to the battery? Thanks in...
  11. MCPlayer18

    AMD CCC + Overdrive?

    Hello, I have seen MANY, MANY YouTube videos with the program AMD Catalyst Control Center open with the name above CPU Power "AMD Overdrive" How come I don't have that in MY AMD CCC? Is there a way to get it? The AMD Overdrive seperate program is way too complicated. Is there a SAFE download for...
  12. MCPlayer18

    Processor Upgrade?

    Hello, I would like to ask a question. If you look you'll see that I have an AMD A8-5545M Processor. I would like to upgrade my CPU. To an Intel i5 Preferably. If I can upgrade my processor, what processors can I upgrade TO? Thanks!
  13. MCPlayer18

    Safe to overclock?

    Hi, so I have a... You know what? To save time I'm just gonna have you look at my specs. As you can see I'm clocked at 1.7GHz. I am wondering if it's safe to overclock to 1.8GHz. I'm thinking it's safe since my laptop can be overclocked up to 2.7GHz. I am going to use AMD Overdrive. Will it be...
  14. MCPlayer18

    Solved Which SSD is compatible?

    If you look at my system specs, I have a Dell Inspiron M731R and I have a wuestion to ask. I'm thinking of getting a SSD that is 500GB or bigger. I have one but I don't know if it will work. Here is the link: Crucial MX100 512GB SATA 6Gb/s 2.5" Internal SSD upgrades for Inspiron M731R...
  15. MCPlayer18

    Solved Windows 8 lock screen won't change

    I have a question to ask. So I want to change my lock screen to a custom pic made by me. I have retried and every time it takes hours and hours nonstop which is odd. Can anyone help me? I really want to change it! Thanks!
  16. MCPlayer18

    MalwareBytes crashing

    I have a question to ask. I have MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Premium and I looked and it says Next scheduled scan:None. So I go and attempt to schedule a scan and after doing it I get a notification saying MalwareBytes has stopped working and it crashes. So I have to go and manually start it up. I...
  17. MCPlayer18

    Extrernal Fan/Cooling Pad?

    I have a question to ask. I overclocked my laptop VIA AMD Overdrive and am worried about overheating. My CPU is fine but my GPU is at around 50 Celscius on average. Is there any cheap and good gaming external fan/cooling pad? For a 17.3" Laptop. Thanks!
  18. MCPlayer18

    Dell Laptop Overclockable?

    I have a question to ask. My laptop is clocked at 1.7GHz. Which is .30 GHz below normal laptop clock level. I heard that you can clock my processor (AMD A8-5545M) up to 2.7GHz. This is also a Laptop only processor. I have a Dell Inspiron M731R and was wondering if I could overclock it to...
  19. MCPlayer18

    Windows 8.1 To Windows 7

    Hi, so I have windows 8.1 and I was wondering if I could downgrade to windows 7. Anything Home premium or above. For free. This came with windows 8.1 preinstalled and I have a dell windows 7 home premium recovery disk and was wondering if I could contact microsoft or use the recovery disk to...
  20. MCPlayer18

    AVG 2015 Won't Install Error Code: 0xC0070643

    Hi, so I'm trying to install AVG 2015 (Anti-virus) And I get this whenever trying to install it. I don't know why it happens. I have no Antivirus so that isn't the problem. I uninstalled it with the AVG remover. It came pre-installed on my pc so I can't system restore it. Please help!