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    Win 8.1x64 toolbar shortcuts I create acting weird?

    So, I have always put toolbar shortcuts to music and utilities in the taskbar by clock. Probably 15+ shortcuts in each folder. Been doing this forever. All of a sudden they are sorting from top to bottom alpha every time I restart? This never used to happen. I always had the ones I used the most...
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    Notification settings all greyed out?

    I have looked in group policies and nothing is configured so why are they all greyed out? So frustrating. I am the admin so I don't get it. I have searched and cannort find an answer. Please help Thanks Frank
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    Windows media player won' update or retrieve cd info

    Win 8.1x64. WMP 12 I put the blame on the terrible Internet explorer . I use Chrome for my browser. but WMP uses IE11 I believe. Is there a fix for this. It use to get the info fine. What I am doing is ripping CDs Thanks Frank
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    Solved After opening word doc?

    Hi So, after I open a word doc from a specified folder (not My Docs folder) I "cannot" get back to the folder? Why is that? Is there a way or command? IOW, I go to a folder in my docs folder. Open the file I want. Then I want to open another doc in thats "same" folder. cannot believe their isn't...
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    Admin account page has unwanted photo?

    I put a photo of myself in the admin account page of the user accounts. I want to remove it, but I cannot? I tried logging into my MS account but still no luck. The picture is "not" in the program data\Microsoft\default account picts? So where is it? I really want it gone. I hate so much when...
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    white screen virus stuck in safe mode

    sorry if this is the wrong place for this-wasn't sure. I guess I have that white screen virus. I think I could handle removing it but I need the desktop and safe mode is stopping lots of tricks. But I cannot get to anything. Sys restore fails everytime. how the heck do I fix this.Without...