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    Samsung U28D590D Monitor Issues

    This problem is become a royal pain… I bought a Samsung 4K Monitor (U28D590D) last December. At that time I was running Win 8.1 64bit, with an AMD based GFX card. I had the desktop set to its native of 3840 x 2160. Anytime the monitor would power down (go idle), or you turn it off, all my apps...
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    Wake From Sleep Issues - Win 8.1

    Once and a great while my PC will actually stay asleep, but usually it's always being woken up by what appears to be my USB controller. Need to figure how to stop the premature wakeup! Wake History Count - 1 Wake History [0] Wake Source Count - 2 Wake Source [0] Type: Device...
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    Solved Boot Manager Error - SSD - Help Please !

    I getting ready to build a new PC, but waiting for Skylake processor to be released. But I decide to buy a new full tower case, and replace my old Swiftech cooling system as the pump was acting like it might be showing signs of failing. Anyways I removed all the hardware from old case, and...
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    Waking From Sleep ? ? ?

    I had this same problem while running under Win 7, and now under Win 8.1 Pro my PC is doing the same thing. It seems to wake up all on its own from "Sleep". I went through the device manager and looked at everything, and nothing but my KB and mouse where set to "Allow this device to wake...
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    Solved Network - Permissions Nightmare ! ! !

    I don't claim to be a guru when comes to networks/permission's and sharing, but I've been successfully doing it without any real issues since Win 98. I thought I would make the leap forward and install 8.1 with all its updates the other day, so far a mistake. I have always done this with all...