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    How do I turn Windows Defender on?

    when I look, it says the app has been turned off, but I can't find how/where to turn it on.
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    How to put shortcut icon on taskbar

    I want to put shortcut to websites, such as yahoo, or google, etc on the taskbar so the icon is not hidden behind main screen (like my dsktp shrtct is). When I look how to do it under google, it gives msoft site which says "Add Icons to the Desktop or Taskbar". Under that it has "To Pin APPS...
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    Laptop now very slow, acting very erratically

    Kind of suddenly, it slowed way down and started operating very poorly. Every single time I click on something, it takes a long time to change, sometimes up to a minute. Screen jumps around and changes by itself. Scrolls erratically. I type, and sometimes wait for the letters to appear...
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    How much room needed on cd for burning favorites/bookmarks

    I burned about 400kb's worth of favorites onto new blank cd. But when I then check to see just how much of the cd was used up, it says 29mb's. How can that be if the 400kb's of favorites is less than one-half of one mb? I wrongly put this question in the browsers and mail forum. Had one...
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    How much room should 151 favorites/bookmarks use on CD?

    I burned them onto blank cd. When I then look, it says 29mb's were used up on the cd. How can that be? If one mb equals a thousand kb's, it should show I used up less than one mb. I tried to look up how many kb's the favorites folder was, but the size was blank. But when I had 130...
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    just cannot figure out how to burn/copy Favorites onto CD

    I have spent hours reading dozens of articles. Im just a real basic comp user, this is probably pretty easy thing to do. I always get stuck on a couple of steps...things on my screen are not the way it says, or I don't get what is meant, or it sounds like it is assuming the reader knows how to...