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My fan goes crazy whenever I wake it from sleep!

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    My fan goes crazy whenever I wake it from sleep!

    Hi all!

    I installed Windows 8 a couple of weeks ago (was pretty annoying having to convert my hard drive to basic disk and back up all of my stuff) but I really enjoy the operating system.

    I do have one problem which I can't get my head around. Whenever I wake the computer from sleep, after anywhere from 5-30 seconds, the fan roars up to its maximum speed and creates a lot of noise. This happens even if I stay at the lock screen and don't log in. The only way to fix the problem is to restart the computer. The fan roars during shutdown but once the computer starts up again the fan runs at a normal and fairly quiet speed.

    I've never had this problem in Windows 7 or Ubuntu so I don't know why it's happening in Windows 8. The amount of software I have installed in 8 is almost identical to 7, so maybe this has something to do with the OS itself? I did a google search and found another person experiencing this problem with Windows 8, they just installed software called SpeedFan and it fixed their problem. I tried installing SpeedFan but I still have the problem. The system doesn't slow down or behave any differently, just the fan is a lot louder.

    I've got an HP Envy 14 2012-tx, Intel i7 2.00GHz, 8gb ram, 64 bit system

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Welcome to EightForums, Liam7mail.

    I don't have a solution, for I'm not that savvy. Is there not a relationship between BIOS and OS so far as CPU temp? We can conclude it must be 8 if it works in 7. I don't think that a 3rd party program is a good way to go about fixing things in an OS IMO.

    I have a similar problem in 7. When I wake it from sleep, the CPU fan roars for about five seconds and that's all. No biggie, but it stumps me as to why.

    Hang in there for I'm sure someone will answer to this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    I have a similar problem in 7. When I wake it from sleep, the CPU fan roars for about five seconds and that's all. No biggie, but it stumps me as to why.
    That happens to me as well. 5 seconds. No biggie
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    keep in mind that things should get better with manufacturer driver around the corner....also make sure you install MS update for general audience...
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    a few years ago I had a Dell desktop with Windows Vista. Everytime I started my pc or wake up from sleep the fans roared for a few seconds then back to normal speed. A friend of mine who is a hardware technician explained to me that your pc woks hardest during start -wake up therefore momentarily reaches the max order to overcome this your fans are commanded to work at extra speed then back to some manufacturers like Dell used this facility in order to extend the life of your comes the enigma....I have HP desktop and when I was using Windows 7 the fans never soon as I upgraded to Windows 8 my fans roar for a few second when I start-wake up my pc like the good old Dell so I assume Windows 8 programmed this is a good thing..It might shorten the life of fans but extend the life of your processors
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    Hi nsetceri. Welcome to EightForums.

    Thanks for the info. It makes sense. It's strange I get this in 7, but not 8. Would anyone know where this setting would be?
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My fan goes crazy whenever I wake it from sleep!
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