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    PC refresh

    I am thinking of trying the new Windows PC refresh feature. But I need to understand what it does. It is supposed to keep your data. But what data does it mean?

    I have a lot of software installed on my 90 day version of RTM install. Does that mean all of my programs will need reinstalling?

    For example, I have three different installations of Visual Studio Express, SQL Server Express, ClassicShell, Firefox and Chrome browsers, etc.... I assume all of these will need reinstallation.

    What about my Downloads, Documents, Music, & Pictures folders?

    Of course, it is only wise to make a backup of all my data and installation downloads.

    I wonder if the PC refresh keeps the binaries of installed software, but simply cleans out the registry.

    Anyone had any experience?

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    Hello Steve,

    The tutorial below can give you some more details about what all is involved in refreshing Windows 8.

    Basically you get a reset installation of Windows 8. Everything that involves your user account settings stay, including the files in your user folders. Installed "Metro" apps from the Store stay, but other programs are removed.

    Refresh Windows 8

    Hope this helps for now,
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    Tutorial below? Don't see it...
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    Sorry, it's the "Refresh Windows 8" link there to click on.
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    Sorry, I was in a browser w/ the Metro skin, and the link didn't highlight. Now I'm in the iOS Forum Runner app and all is well!
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    I noticed there is a related tutorial, restoring Windows 8 w/ a custom image. My reason for wanting to refresh PC is based on a another thread of mine, problems with the Windows store. I am having issues updating current apps and adding new ones. At first I thought refresh PC might be the answer. But it could retain those very settings that are not allowing me to access the Windows store.

    The other tutorial, restoring Windows 8 with the custom image, might be my answer. I could back up my current installation to an image, and install Windows 8 fresh. And I still have the opportunity to restore Windows 8 to its current state if the reinstall doesn't work. But first I'll have to find a USB drive large enough to create the image.

    So is recimg.exe usable or is it still an early version?
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    Unfortuntately, that wouldn't work. When you do a clean install of Windows 8, it would also wipe out the custom refresh image.

    You could create a system image to use to do a system image recovery if needed to restore Windows 8 back to the state it was in when the image was created though.
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    Does PC Refresh wipe out the image?
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    No, it uses the image to do the refresh.

    I assume you are storing the image on another drive -the image will still be there.

    I haven't looked at it with rtm - but when I checked on previous builds - it didn't restore programs or [roduct key - if I remember correctly.

    I can't see the point of it.

    A full image backup is vastly superior.
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    While it's true if you save the refresh image to another location than where you are reinstalling Windows 8 at the refresh image will still be there, but that specific refresh image will no longer be used if a refresh is done unless a new refresh image is created again. The clean install wipes out the reference of the refresh image. The link below can give more details about a refresh image.

    I do agree that creating a system image instead would be much better to use.
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