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Problems with shutdown and restart commands afterwin8 upgrade

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    Problems with shutdown and restart commands afterwin8 upgrade

    Got an issue where my PC won't restart or shutdown properly after windows 8 upgrade.

    If I try and restart or shutdown, windows shuts down the programs as normal, I loose signal from my graphics card, but never actually power cycles.

    I have to hold the power button in for 6 seconds to get it to power off completely.

    Restart and shutdown has worked fine with windows 7, since day one.

    Any ideas?

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    Hi sargey. Welome to the forum.

    Did you upgrade or are you dual booting?
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    Upgraded from win 7 ultimate x64 -> windows 8 Pro x64
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    If I try and restart or shutdown, windows shuts down the programs as normal, I loose signal from my graphics card, but never actually power cycles.
    Not quite sure what you mean here. It boots up, runs a bit, then you loose signal from your graghics card? So then no monitor. Then you have to shut down with the physical switch.

    If I have that correct, it sounds like a graphics card driver problem. I assume you have another computer or device, since you're communicating here.

    I suggest to look for an updated driver. How you're going to install it if/when you loose your monitor is another problem that is beyond my methodology knowledge. You won't be able to navigate through to install it.

    Perhaps a different card?
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    No, sorry.

    PC boots up and runs fine, no problems.

    When I go to shut it down, windows goes through the motions, closes all the programs etc, but the power on the pc doesn't switch it's self off and I have to hold the power switch in for 6 seconds to power it down altogether.

    Same with a restart, windows shuts down fine, but the PC won't power cycle to complete the reboot.

    As I said, it worked fine until I upgraded to windows 8 last night.
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    Ok. I'm on my 7 side, for I dual boot. I have to check something out in 8. As Arnold said -> I'll be baack!
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    I'm baak!

    Check for Interfering Programs

    Go into the Control Panel -> Performance and Information Tools -> Advanced Tools

    View the information that appears to see if a program or driver is causing a problem when shutting down Windows. Clicking any yellow warning "!" will open up options for that warning. One is to open it up in event log. Read and record those if necessary. Don't push ok or ignore until you're ready, for they'll disappear. They will be recorded again when a new event happens, though.

    Anything in your action center on the desktop?

    Might need to do some of this:

    Take note of these for future reference.

    Go into any running programs and close them. Select the "File" drop down and then click the option for "Exit." Repeat this step for any programs that are currently running.

    Go to the website for the software product and see if there are any updates available. Install the update and see if the updated program no longer prevents Windows from shutting down.
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    I gotta go do some things for awhile.

    Another thing you can check is to close all programs and before you shut down, open Task Manager (Ctrl/Alt/Delete keys) Processes tab to see if a program or app is running. That would be the culprit as well.

    Good luck. Again -> I'll be baak.
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    Looks like this guy is having a similar problem to me
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    Thanks for answering. I was wondering what happened to you.

    Ok. Stick with that thread. Mystere is more savvy than me and it seems he may be correct. You both have different systems, but same problem.

    When it's resolved perhaps post with the solution and marked solved. I'll subscribe to that thread.
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Problems with shutdown and restart commands afterwin8 upgrade
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