Another weird thing I came across in the Release Preview (which I know is not a final product, but it is a strange issue).

If I open up Action Center, expand Maintenance and click on "View reliability history" the Reliability Monitor never loads, it's just stuck at the "Generating report" message and never actually shows the report. If I forcefully click on "Reliability Monitor" in the address bar, it shows up but has no entries whatsoever. And my current install of the Release Preview is already a few days old. I immediately noticed that the initial report (where it lists all the initial drivers and updates etc.) takes longer to actually show me anything "just" after installing the OS (in 7, it takes about a day, but in 8 it can take up to two).

+++ During the time I took to wrote this post, the Reliability Monitor loaded with no entries... Extremely weird seeing as how I never experienced this in 7.