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macrium reflect free shrink size of hdd?

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    macrium reflect free shrink size of hdd?

    Macrium Reflect Free
    macrium reflect free 6.3

    I want to create a restore image of windows 8 64bit. Windows 8 is on a 500gb hdd.
    Can macrium reflect free shrink the size of the hdd to 160gb enabling the image to get installed on a 160gb hdd?

    Else is there another free piece of software which can?

    Thank you.

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    It wont shrink it. How much of your 500gb drive is used. Aslong as its below 160gb or 160gb it will work. If its more than 160gb you will need a bigger drive to backup on or remove stuff you dont use.
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    I was going to recommend one of many good programs for partition enlarging or shrinking - MiniTools Partition Magic, however, I'm not sure if it will serve you in this situation.
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    This is when you need to turn to third party applications. I recommend EaseUS Partition Master to shrink. In principle, this tool works the same as the Windows Disk Management tool. The difference is that it offers more features and is a lot more flexible, for example you can extend a partition, regardless of where the unallocated space sits.
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    Hmm.. I have Macrium Reflect Workstation ver 6 and I just wanna share an experience with it (which I think may be related or may have you think also). I wanted to increase the size of my partition from 120gb to 180gb. I backed up with Macrium and resized a new second HDD to a partition size of 180gb. I used Macrium Rapid Delta Restore. I was dumbfounded to see that see afterwards that the partition that I resized(increased) to 180gb was made a 120gb! Same as that I backed up in Macrium! It turned out that Macrium will not resize a backup image to different sized partition.

    I tried it 3x to no avail.

    In the end I had to use Seagate Discwizard to back up that partition that I wanted to increase and recover that same partition backup image to a new resized 180gb partition.

    Now whenever I want to resize my existing partition, I use Seagate Discwizard to backup and recover that partition. When backing up and restoring to the same sized partition I still use Macrium.

    You can check out Seagate DiscWizard below

    Seagate DiscWizard

    or you can also use Acronis True Image Western Digital Edition below,

    Acronis True Image Western Digital Edition

    There is also Aomei Backupper works fine but the image size is a bit larger just the same it does the job well.

    Download HERE (License included)
    or you can checkout the links in this thread HERE. They still work.
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    Windows 7 Pro 64bit [MS blue-disk set]

    kjo, how are things progressing? Were you successful in getting the results you wanted?
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macrium reflect free shrink size of hdd?
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