hi, ive stumbled across your board while trying to help my friend with her daughters laptop. I hope you can help me please, thanks.

She said it suddenly stopped and began repairing but then it just went off and wouldnt come back on. I took the battery out and managed to get it switched back on but then it began repairing again and got to 11% but rather than switch off this time its left hanging on the black screen with the packard bell logo showing, its not making any whirly shapes to say its doing anything and theres no % showing anymore - i have had it in this position since `12 oclock but not sure if i should just carry on being patient and see if it will do anything? I do have an automatic driver recovery disc (not for her model as she didnt make one - her model is packard bell easy note TE1 1HC windows 8 64 bit). So, would you be patient and wait it out? if yes, how long before its obviously not going to be doing anything else and time to give up? or would you use the disc i have and try do it that way? shes not bothered about anything on the laptop being saved so a full restore would be ideal. thanks

She did take it into a shop first who told her she needed a new HD at £150 but she couldnt afford it so she asked me if i could help her with it. thanks