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Paging file removed

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    I got a 64gb SD card class 10 and it seems to be working as you said. I can watch the memory in Resource Monitor and it only changes a few megabyte. I would really be great if Windows would allow for the paging file to be on the SD. Thanks for the help.

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    Out of memory warnings or errors are caused by the commit charge approaching the commit limit. They have nothing to do with a shortage of available RAM. The commit limit is RAM size + pagefile size - a few MB. With no pagefile it will be close to RAM size. With 4 GB RAM that may not be enough, as appears to be the case.

    ReadyBoost acts essentially as a disk cache and is most effective with slow hard drives and limited RAM, generally less than 2 GB. It does not add to RAM, although some articles claim otherwise. It will do nothing for out of memory warnings.

    I would question the use of an SD card for the pagefile. It may significantly shorten the life of the drive. SSDs have an efficient form of wear leveling to address this problem but many SD cards have only a simple form. Many do not have it at all.

    Typically the pagefile is placed on the system drive. If this causes problems these should be addressed, not by moving the pagefile to some other drive.

    Edit: Note that if the pagefile is placed on any removable media you will almost certainly get a system crash if it is removed while Windows is running. There is no safe way to remove such a drive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LMiller7 View Post
    I would question the use of an SD card for the pagefile.
    Can't be done, Windows will not allow a pagefile to be on a removable disk which is how it is seen.

    I used Resource Monitor to watch the memory and for some unknown reason I saw it max out and did not get an error after setting up the SD card.

    Quote Originally Posted by LMiller7 View Post
    Typically the pagefile is placed on the system drive. If this causes problems these should be addressed, not by moving the pagefile to some other drive.
    See my first post and if you have any contacts at MS get them to fix it, I don't know how and I cannot find anyone that does; If you do, please advise me and I will be eternally grateful.

    EDIT: About the time you think you have it figured out - oops I just to the error. Apparently the popup will have to expected if the pagefile is removed and I want to use my computer, otherwise I have to sit and wait on the HD for fifteen minutes every five minutes.
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    I found out the hardway with readyboost and here's something to watch for
    Make sure the device for ready boost is enabled and running then open up task manager and look for a process that is named memory compression if that starts raising up and you look to see how much your disk usage is raising open up your device and click dont use this device ,apply and ok and see if the disk usage stops.

    For the page file try 1500 min
    And 5000 for the max
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Paging file removed
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