I am getting a little desperate and worried about my laptop's drive because of this.

This past week I've been having performance problems with my HP laptop. Recently it had started to run a little slow, so I run Analyze on Optimize Drives and clicked the C:// drive. To my surprise, it tells me "Needs Defragmentation (11% fragmented)", and I ran Optimize on it urgently. This is the highest fragmentation percent I've ever had. I defrag often to prevent problems, since I use my laptop to make amateur PC games on Unity, and stuff is always changing and moving around in the file system, and the most I'd ever had was 5%.

Well, guess what? After the defrag, I run Analyze again, just to make sure. Instead of it being back fine and dandy at 0%, it tells me it was *24%*. Is ssomething happening to my C drive that I can no longer defrag it like I used to? Is my drive slowly kicking the bucket? To top it all off, when I run these optimization processes, they take a donkey's age to complete and stay stuck at certain places a lot. I'm getting a little concerned here. I'm on Win. 8.1 (legal, not cracked)