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high memory usage with nothing really running

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    high memory usage with nothing really running

    Recently, when i look at my task manager ( after my computer has been on for a while) it shows that my memory usage is around 87% when i have very little running (maybe just google chrome open, skype, and itunes). I have 16 gigs of ram so it seems strange. When i restart it goes back down. i don't have a lot of knowledge about computers but this seems like something is wrong as this has never really happened until recently. Anyway, i appreciate all the help i can get. If i need to give you more info about my computer or anything lemme know in your comment. thanks!

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    I have the same problem like yours. my memory only 4Gb and it runs slowly especially when I run multiple program like office and winamp. The most dissapointed is when I check on task manager the memory usage raise up, in the fact I'm not running any program.

    Please help us, I really frustate. thanks
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    Windows 8 caches old files in Ram for re-use later

    As my title says!

    It is to manage and use Ram more efficiently. But if you just want to flush your Ram manually and wipe the Cached parts, do the following as I've found on the Web. It works and empties out the Cache in Ram but ofcourse it will start to cache again and the more you use the more will be cached again. Sadly RamMap has no "flush every 1 Minute" or so option or some way of prevention for windows to use Ram as cache inside its options. Here is the tutorial!
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high memory usage with nothing really running
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