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Windows 8 RP Store App Updates Issues?....

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    Windows 8 RP Store App Updates Issues?....

    Hello, Everyone -

    Please forgive me if this has already been asked in a thread, but I did search through the forums quite a bit and could not find anything pertaining to this.... So again, I apologize if I am being repetitive...

    Can anyone shed some light on a strange issue?

    Currently, I have an ExoPC with Windows 8 RP 32-bit, a Dell Inspiron Duo with Windows 8 RP 32-bit, and also a Dell Latitude E6520 (i7 quad-core) with Windows 8 RP 64-bit.

    I use the same Live ID to log-in to these machines at various times.

    I have the exact same apps installed on all three, and I keep all three synced with my Live ID.

    Normally, updates are never an issue. But recently, in the Store Metro UI Icon, it indicated that there was 1 update to an app. I would launch the Store, and on the Store main page in the upper right corner, it did indeed indicate that 1 update was available. Then, when I click on the "1 update available" link on that page, the next page of the Store loads, and inidicates "App updates - No updates available." and the only option is the back-arrow icon to go back.

    This happened on all three devices, as I would log on to them at various times. The same message.

    Well, now this is up to showing that 3 apps need updating, but when I follow the link I get the same message - "App updates - No updates available." and the only option is the back-arrow icon to go back. And, this is now on all three of my devices.

    So - what on earth am I doing wrong? Or is there just a glitch somewhere? I know this is just the RP, and I am eagerly waiting for the full retail version to install on my systems...

    Any input or ideas are greatly appreciated.... or should I just ignore this?

    Thanks much!


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    Portsmouth Hants
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    There are issues with Windows Update for the RP - 140-odd Windows Answers requests unanswered

    Windows - Microsoft Answers

    You could check if any are the same problem as yours, or if not, post your own problem there
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    Hi, Mike and welcome to the forum! I also downloaded and installed 8RP 32bit on June 2, but dual boot with 7 Ultimate. I have Windows update set to automatic and checked it a few times to see how it was doing. Now that you posted, I checked the history. I had 2 updates for the OS immediately and 2 others on 6/4 and 6/13. Another on 6/2 was a driver for my modem. All others are for defender.

    Do you have Update set to auto? Which app are you speaking of exactly? Are these cold installs on all machines?
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    It is an app that no longer exist in the app store. To find out which one it is, open task manager, switch to app history tab and look for all these apps one by one manually in the store, and you will find the one, after uninstalling this app the update notification will disappear.
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    What it sounds like to myself is that if you look to the upper-right hand corner, you should see it is installing. BUT you aren't letting the install fully finish before you use the back arrow. The installation is almost not noticeable so I have a feeling you are missing it.
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Windows 8 RP Store App Updates Issues?....
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