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Services/Tasks to disable to max weak computer

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    Services/Tasks to disable to max weak computer

    I know Windows has all sorts of automated bells and whistles that do something interesting but not necessarily beneficial.
    What are some of the things you can do to it to max out the performance, such that frees up resources like CPU, MEM, HD, etc.


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    The authority on what Services to disable or put into "Manual" mode is "Black Viper". Google it!

    You didn't say what computer you have, or what OS you're running, or how much RAM you have, and that's all critical to the proper answer of your question.

    I started disabling redundant Services, way back in the early XP days. For XP I could disable 11 services, but for Windows 8.1 I either Disable or Put into Manual mode, about 40 Services.

    There are many tweaks and tune-up tips, besides services, for every version of Windows.

    I have a 'Package' of tweaks, that I use for every PC that I work on, and some of them go all the way back to XP.
    Windows 8.1, or even Windows 10, are more like XP than most people would ever think. The registries are almost identical.

    You could start, by optimizing the boot up procedure:

    Shorten the Boot Time in XP, Vista & Windows 7 & 8, 8.1 & Windows 10

    Go to the start button, choose run, then type msconfig and press OK.

    On the system configuration window, choose the "Boot.INI" tab.

    Check “No Gui Boot”, then lower the timeout to a more manageable time.
    I choose 3 seconds in stead of 30. (windows won’t accept a lower number than 3)

    Next choose advanced options.
    This is where you can choose how many processors you have.
    Most modern PC's are duo core (2 processors) with some quad core (4 processors, and there are even some with 8 Cores or more, )
    then choose OK. The Windows default is only 1 core.

    Now choose apply and OK, then reboot and you should see a marked decrease in boot time, and an Increase in Run-Time efficiency.

    I know, someone will say, 'Oh, that won't work' or something like that, but all I can say is "It Works For Me!". And, it hurts nothing to try it.

    Then open up your Task Manager, and click on the 'Startup' tab. Right click on everything that you don't Absolutely HAVE to have running on startup, and set those to 'Disable'. Schedulers and reminders should be the first things to GO away!

    By just turning OFF the things running in the background, that you really don't need, can go a long ways to improving your System Performance. It's not at all difficult, to actually Double the performance of most Laptops, and greatly increase the performance of most Desktop PC's. It's what I do!

    Cheers mate!
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Services/Tasks to disable to max weak computer
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