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Resetting Windows 8.1 Pro with no signal.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Resetting Windows 8.1 Pro with no signal.

    Greeting, I have encountered one of the most annoying issue resetting my pc and almost lost my mind, but here we are. If someone could help me, I will be grateful so thank you.

    I had decided to reset my pc with Windows 8.1 Pro using USB recovery drive from mediacreationtool and then, after I restarted my pc with the USB inserted in order to reset it to factory setting, there was a BEEP sound but no signal on the monitor.

    Panicking, after around 5 hours of waiting for miracle that there would be the signal, I held the power button and turned my pc off then on again, but still... no signal. I repeated these step around 2 times then removed the USB drive and turned the pc on hoping that I can used my pc to search for solution, then my pc turned on with ordinary signal on monitor just like all of this never happened(It said there was a problem with resetting and nothing have changed).

    After that I have tried to do refreshing without deleting the file, still no luck. Did the CMOS reset, no signal. Forcing my monitor to channel the HDMI1 instead of AUTO, none. I even tried to select restore system to make sure that this "no signal" problem occurs after restart with System Windows Utility.

    And I thought that this problem may be occurred because of my hardwares.

    By the way, my mother board is G1.Sniper Z97 Gigabytes. My video card is GeForce GTX970. My monitor is AOC l2367F connected via HDMI. My keyboard and mouse doesn't matter, may be.

    Have anyone here ever encountered this issue? If you have any questions, suggestions, or solution, please do tell me. Thank you.

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    The big question that I'm sure someone will ask....."what the heck are you trying to do, and WHY?"
    You didn't say.

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Resetting Windows 8.1 Pro with no signal.
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